The beauty secret of Indian women is to have long and smooth hair

This ancestral beauty ritual from India is seeing a resurgence in popularity on social networks thanks to the series’ heroines The Bridgeton Chronicle. directions.

The hashtag #hairoiling has over 36.8 million views on TikTok. You might think this is a new hair trend that has originated on the social network however, this beauty ritual has been practiced by Indian women for centuries. This ancient gesture, which consists of massaging the scalp with hair oil, has attracted everyone’s desire since the series The Bridgeton Chronicle It brought him back to center stage.

In fact, during an episode of Season 2, the main heroine, Kate Sharma, puts an oilcloth on the roots of her little sister Edwina (played respectively by Simon Ashley and Charithra Chandran). A detail that did not escape the spectators of Indian origin, who recognized this gesture transmitted from mother to daughter.

A trick with multiple virtues

This tradition originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Sneha’ which means ‘oily substance’, but it is also a practice rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition. “The head is the seat of all our sensory organs and our nervous system. This is why head massage is part of our daily Ayurvedic routine,” explains Akash Mehta, co-founder of cosmetics brand inspired by the Indian hair ritual Fable & Mane, in an interview with the British magazine Glamor, “Massage.” Your scalp with essential oils relaxes your mind while stimulating hair follicles and promoting their growth and density.”

According to custom, the benefits go beyond the realm of beauty. Charaka, the father of Indian medicine, wrote in an ancient Ayurvedic treatise: “He who puts oil on the skull daily shall not suffer from headache, baldness, graying and hair loss.” shraka samhita. The bones of the skull and forehead are strengthened, the sensory organs and skin are renewed, sleep is wonderful. “

Instructions for use “For hair lubrication”

The Abyanga ritual, which establishes self-massage as an act of self-love in Ayurveda, begins with the energy point at the top of our head, also called the ‘crown chakra’. “By relieving stress and tension from the roots, massaging the head with oil stimulates the hair to produce thicker tresses,” continues Akash Mehta.

According to the specialist, you must first warm up a few drops of the oil in your hands. Then slowly massage your scalp with circular motions so that the treatment penetrates deeply before brushing the lengths out with your fingers. Care should be taken when practicing this method on clean hair, at the risk of having the opposite effect. Dirty scalp mixed with an oily substance tends to clog pores and weaken the roots. As for the choice of the product in question, the most popular are Amla, Coconut or Castor oils. There are even special Ayurvedic blends in organic stores for hair growth and health.

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Daily use of the oil on the hair like the original traditions of Charaka would not be possible in our Western society. To get into this routine anyway, experts advise practicing it once or twice a week before bed for at least two hours or throughout the night, then shampooing the next morning.

However, this method is not recommended for people who are prone to dandruff and acne, or who have sensitive or irritated scalps. In the case of hair loss or hair disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor before testing this technique.

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