Shows off her red hair and haircut

Not too long ago, Marine Red unveiled her stunning physical transformation, posing with red hair and a short haircut. Internet users are fascinated. We tell you everything!

Marine Rouge, at the center of many controversies

We must think that the bad reputation of the Marine Reds is not easy to manage every day for a candidate. During Ramadan, the young woman was criticized after performing her prayers, and she also wanted to make things clear.

Friends, if they send me such comments or also send to me all those who doubt the person I am, and who will invent a life for me: do not follow me and do not waste your time emailing me anymore to denigrate or insult me ​​” . She explains in a long post on Instagram. “ I know who I am, what I deserve, as well as my loved ones and my family. This is the main. Unfortunately, for you personally, it doesn’t affect me that much! I sharpen. It’s just a little boring but thank God there’s worse in life.”

But recently, a completely different scandal has surfaced on social networks. For some time, the two red sisters were accused of being involved in the Porta Putti scandal in Dubai.

Marine Red: She shows her red hair and gets shorter

Marine Al-Hamr completely changed her haircut

However, the latter has denied everything related to the Dubai scandal. And they decided not to admit these rumors. They did not allow themselves to be defeated and announced the launch of their new family business recently. “ After months and months of work, we are proud to share our family project with you very soon. » You write in the caption for their project video. ” As you know, sports are part of our life and part of our DNA. It is a passion that we have been enjoying since childhood which is passed down from generation to generation.

But if today Marin is again at the center of the discussion, it is because the young woman just showed up with her Brand new haircut. Against all odds, Marine Red chose to embark on a completely drastic change of appearance. She recently appeared with Unexpected haircut. The Navy decided to cut off His hair is short and dyed red! A very unexpected hair change for Internet users, who did not hesitate to respond to his Instagram post. research !

Osen Rouge:

Not too long ago, Maren Al-Haymar revealed a snapshot of her half-sister Osen. The least we can say is that the resemblance is amazing! We show you!

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