Marinette turned red, her new look makes people react

by Solene V

– Posted on May 20, 2022 at 12:21

On Thursday, May 19, Maren Al Hamer revealed a brand new look on her Instagram account. A drastic change caused a massive reaction from Internet users.

marin red It has appeared on our screens a lot lately. In the castTarget rest of the world In 2021, it is currently broadcasting on W9 in the fifth season of Trained Adventurers. And in all these adventures, the young woman won the hearts of many reality TV nominees. especially Julian Gueradoor Bastos ! She is now with Adrian It is in full convergence in Thailand in a survival adventure presented by Laurent Maestreet. It has to be said that his dream body and pretty face are probably for the lot. If we knew from the beginning Navy With her long brown hair, change is now in order. After visiting my sister’s hairdresserOcean Red Enjoy a brand new look that has surprised more than one!

distance Rem RenwonBarbara Lone or even Maysanit’s your turn marin red To take the roux step! And indeed, on Thursday, May 19, the young woman posted a photo of her on her Instagram account new red hair. As I wrote in the caption “new hair”accompanied by fox emoji, which represents his new haircut well. As a whole new look Which completely changes his face. Not only by color, but also by length! it is with short and wavy square It surprised the entire community. It’s the first time this has been done marin red He appears with such short hair. A sign of a change in his personal life or love life? Can ! Anyway, this the shift It seems like it!

‘Radiant’, ‘cool’, netizens have been invaded

new red hair marin red unanimous. Under his Instagram post showing a profile new lookThere was a flurry of positive comments and praise. So we can read: “radiant”, ” Great “. or: “I’m checking attendance at fonnnnnd”, “Bombaaa”, “Wow, you’re blasting that suits you well.”the most beautiful ‘I am adoooooooore’, “Very good color choice.”“OMGGG FAN FAN FAN”. Clearly, netizens seem to have been attracted and charmed The physical transformation of the Red Sea. Girlfriend Melanie Ear, Nose and Throat He also expressed his enthusiasm to discover his haircut. ” unbelievable “As you say in the comments. Successful change!

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