Marilyn Monroe: The astonishing investigation that lifted the mystery of her father

She was born to an unknown father… However, her father has just been identified. A strange fate is the fate of the Hollywood star who will celebrate the 60th anniversary of his disappearance next August. It can be found at Heritage, Thursday, May 19 at 9:10 p.m. at NRJ12.

she was singing My heart belongs to my father (My heart belongs to my father). All her life she searched for herself, in search of fame, professional recognition and above all … her biological father. She only saw him in a picture in her mother’s bedroom, intuitively convinced that her likeness to love Clark Gable It was his parents. Charles Stanley Gifford He actually began an affair with his mother, Gladys, in 1925. Norma Jean Baker born in 1Verse June 1926.

French producer and director Francois Booms So he proceeded to go back to the origins of the star four years ago. He first appealed to fans, collectors or pagans. without success. One day, he bought three bleached hairs from the star’s personal stylist. Disappointed, because DNA analysis does not give anything. Finally, there are three whiskers, kept by the famous Hollywood Undertaker who flushed Marilyn’s funeral toilet on August 5, 1962, that will reveal the truth. It was sent to the CNRS in Toulouse. Fortunately, spotted DNA has not been completely altered. At the same time, genealogists found a trace of Gifford’s granddaughter.

Three hairs will make DNA talk

Then the two DNAs are compared. Nothing is conclusive at first, before a second analysis confirms that the foreman who fell in love with Gladys Monroe is indeed her biological father. It’s still too early to tell if this revelation will put the identity of Marilyn’s heir into question. Elena Balyaeva, Project Manager at Carson Broad, tells us at legacies How the star’s image rights ended up in the hands of a woman who had nothing to do with the actress. It is ‘Anna Strasberg .’s second wife Lee Strasberg, Artistic Director of Actors Studio. “When she died, Marilyn had only $92,000 in her accounts, which she distributed, by will, right and left. The main part of the inheritance was her image rights, up to $800,000”, Explains Elena Baleeva. The quarter star psychic realm inherited, the rest went to Li. After the death of her husband in 1982, Anna took over the portrait of Marilyn and managed its use for forty years. At the age of eighty-three, she intends to give this life-long pension to her children… who could quickly be denied it.

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