How to detangle curly, frizzy or flyaway hair? Little Hair’s Guide to Hitting the Knot!

Do you really know how to detangle curly, frizzy or curly hair? To tell the truth, there are many gestures to follow to pamper your curls… Proper detangling is one such gesture! Talking about hair and hairstyles is one of our editor’s greatest interests. For this reason, today, we will pay special attention to wild humans and the best way to untangle them without weakening them. Think you know it all, curly girls? Our little hair guide will make you think twice.

A quick guide to detangling curly hair without breakage

Straight or curly? No need to choose! In 2022, everything will be a fashionable frieze! Curly and frizzy hair will look natural, especially with the #NappyHair movement. But to appreciate a wild mane, you need to know how to take good care of it. Very brittle and dry hair can often be difficult to detangle naturally. However, they benefit from volume that is unenviable for other hair types. And, contrary to what some of you might think, they offer many trendy hairstyles. However, detangling and conditioning hair are critical steps when you have textured hair. Here’s how to pamper the hair fiber and get rid of knots without breaking.

Curly hair brush when wet

Detangling curly hair before shampooing

Don’t brush your curly hair until it’s dry! This is the golden rule to follow to avoid frizz and breakage. The perfect time to get rid of your waves is while you’re in the shower. And since curly mane tends to tangle easily, brush it twice: during washing and after squeezing it.

mineral water spray

How to detangle curly hair in the morning

To gently detangle Afro hair, spray mineral water all over the scalp, then apply a few drops of vegetable oil to the lengths. If you have a lot of knots, work on the knots with your fingers. You can also make your own water recipe by adding a few tablespoons of hair oil of your choice to a spray bottle filled with mineral water.

Choose the right brush

The brush of your choice for detangling curly, frizzy, dry hair for women

Not all brushes are suitable for wavy hair. The latter appreciates structural brushes with large bristles that separate and arrange the locks. For detangling Afro hair, an airbrush with round bristles will work just fine. Girls with wavy and not too thick hair can bet on a boar-hair model that gently treats curls, while making them shine. other options? Choose a wide-toothed comb made of wood or horn. Finger combing is also suitable for removing knots.

Use a moisturizing and detangling product

Any product to detangle dry frizzy hair

How to detangle curly hair easily? Whether in the form of a mask, spray, gel or oil, a detangler is the best ally for curly girls. Use it in the shower after shampooing. Once your hair lengths are detangled, apply a conditioning and conditioning product, avoiding the roots. This step is valid for all hair types: curly, curly, curly, straight, wavy, fine, thick, etc.

Make a mask for dry hair regularly

Mistakes to avoid when detangling curly hair

Achieving silky, lustrous curls all year round requires good hair preparation followed by a rigorous beauty ritual. For this, you need to take the time to pamper your skin with a nourishing and tonic treatment. Therefore, it is preferable to use masks for dry, natural and local hair. To enhance their beneficial effect, choose vegetable oils (shea, avocado, wheat germ, coconut, etc.) and apply the mask, sticking to the tips. Next, wash your hair in sections with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo.

The Big Mistake to Avoid When You Have Curly Hair

How to detangle curly hair Women's mask for dry hair

Are you in a hurry and don’t have time to brush your curls this morning? Detangling your wavy hair without damaging it takes time and patience. In this case, it is better to postpone detangling and choose a suitable hairstyle. Bohemian bun, boxer braids, fake fishtail… There are so many ideas for saving a bad hair day. Otherwise, you risk pulling the curls too hard and thereby weakening them.

How often should you comb curly or frizzy hair?

Detangling curly hair man woman

Washing and detangling are essential steps to enhance curly hair naturally. However, it should not be abused. Veins of the wild tend to be dry and knotted. So the more you brush it, the more it breaks. No need to detangle it every day, like smooth hair. What is the correct frequency? Depending on the type of curls, detangle hair every 5-6 days. If you wear your loose curly hair, you may have noticed that it tangles more easily and quickly. To reduce tangles, please wear them in a bun or in braids.

How to wash and detangle women's wavy hair

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