Here’s the hair damage this bad habit can cause

To get a beautiful, shiny mane full of vitality, it is important to take care of it regularly and most importantly – apply the correct gestures. One of the basics in particular depends on the good hydration of the scalp and hair. But the latter can be easily ironed if the hair is not dried properly. What does that mean exactly? Therefore, it is more specifically about the “technique” of drying your hair in the open air – a very common gesture that should actually be prevented from your hair routine. It turns out that this habit is especially harmful to hair. Let’s see why.

Why is air drying your hair a bad idea? Results.

Letting your hair dry naturally is a fairly common practice and is generally considered safe for hair health. Too bad idea. In fact, experts explain that this reflex practiced by many girls is wrong and that it will be harmful in the long run. So what happens when you decide to air dry your hair? Focus on the side effects that may occur.

Damaged hair fiber

Allowing your hair to dry naturally damages the damaged hair fibres

Air drying hair tends to damage the hair fibre. Concretely, when hair is wet for a longer period of time, it is half its strength, which weakens the hair fiber. Specialists explain that substances naturally present on the mane (such as sebum) are removed during shampooing, leaving the fibers unprotected. When the lengths are saturated with water, the cuticles (hair protectors) are stressed. The result: damaged hair and split ends.

Drying your hair outdoors increases health stress

Dry hair in the open air to risk damage from hair stress

Wet hair for a long time can lead to higra stress. As its name suggests, the latter suffers from fatigue due to excessive exposure to water. This is indeed a fairly common problem with dry hair that receives a lot of moisturizing care. In the context of air drying, this excessive exposure to water can break hydrogen bonds and over time damage the outer layers of the hair, including the cuticle. And this is how a man loses his vitality and brilliance.

Mold or bacteria growth

Drying hair in the open air: The consequences and risks of mold and bacteria development

Molds often appear on hair and scalp when left damp for an extended period of time, as well as air-dried. Moisture trapped in the hair can promote the development of not only mold, but also bacteria, especially in hairstyles that are more susceptible to it. It involves buns, ponytails and other high hairstyles. Women who sweat a lot in their hair or spend an entire night with wet hair can also suffer from this problem.

Letting your hair air dry increases the risk of bacteria and mold growth

However, hairstylists have explained that absorbing moisture from the hair with a microfiber towel can reduce the risk of mold or bacteria formation. The main thing is not to go to bed with waterlogged hair.

Air drying your hair can make it difficult to manage

Drying your hair in the open air The consequences and risks of difficulties in combing your mane

Air drying your hair may actually work for some women, but it is not the best option for those who want to adopt a particular hairstyle. As mentioned above, this repeated practice tends to damage the hair in the long run. Thus, some haircuts can make hair damage more noticeable.

Hair looks more greasy

Drying your hair in the open air makes it look greasy

One of the surprising side effects of air drying is the greasy look it leaves in the hair. After being wet for a long time, the scalp triggers compensatory mechanisms and thus leads to increased sebum secretion. This gives the impression that you need to wash your hair more often, but it will only dry out your scalp even more.

How to dry your hair without damaging it, steps to follow hair care

After understanding that letting your hair air dry is a bad idea and that this destructive practice must be urgently banned, we will find out the four steps to follow to dry your hair without damaging it. First, we use a T-shirt or microfiber towel to sponge the hair and not rub the hair together. This method will not only protect the scalp, but also prevent frizz.

How to dry your hair properly, steps to follow good hair gestures

Second, we move on to gentle brushing (a motion that should never be done on wet hair) with a wide-tooth comb. Thirdly, preventive care and nutrition are applied. And fourth, we go to the hair dryer with a low temperature.

To enjoy beautiful and flawless hair, do not forget to use moisturizers regularly, preferably of natural origin. In this context, our editors recommend using hemp oil and castor oil – two super allies for beautiful hair.

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