Cannes 2022: Today’s Movies #1: Alma Viva, Tchaikovsky’s Wife, Tirailleurs…

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We start with 4 films shown Thursday, May 19, 2022: When you’re done saving the world the subject Jesse EisenbergAnd Alma FIFA from Kristel Alves MirAnd Tchaikovsky’s wife from Kirill Serebnikov and finish, skirmish from Matthew Fadebed With Omar C.

When you’re done saving the world (critics week)

When you're done saving the world
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We start with the opening of Critics’ Week with When you’re done saving the world the subject Jesse Eisenberg, who is making his first movie here. the huge Julian Moore And Finn Wolfhard (Known for the starring role in Weird things And who here has a decent haircut at last) composes a very sensitive mother / son duo, lost in each other’s interests and the often clumsy desire to want to do things right. A very poignant success, by guiding the actors as much as it is an accurate realization and never poses.

Alma FIFA (critics week)

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This is the first family movie where the director Kristel Alves Mir He makes his daughter play admirably. In this tale of mourning that seems to have come from another age, magic itself calls for a settling of family scores, a child casts an intense glimpse into a world in collapse, while the gifts of her ancestors come to give violence. reality of the surrounding conflicts. The film has great photography and is often confusing with a mix of undertones, from family history to Westerns via comic and some imaginative incursions.

TheTchaikovsky’s wife (official contest)

  Tchaikovsky's wife
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The first major part of the festival in the official competition, Tchaikovsky’s wife from Kirill Serebrenenkowhich has been noticed a lot in recent years with Wonder of the Rocks to and hallucinogens Petrov feverThe Russian director, now in exile, continues his exploration of sentimentality and the drift toward alienation. However, the fever of the earlier works is hard to find, as the very long first part stumbles upon a rather linear and heavy historical reconstruction. If recent sequences bear witness to sound prowess, the whole suffers from imbalances and heaviness and is even more frustrated with its highly academic music offering the pride of never exploring the music of the illustrious composer.

skirmish (a certain look)

Skirmishes by Matteo Fadebed,
© Marie-Clémence David 2022 – Unit – Korokoro – Gaumont….

skirmish from Matthew Fadebedproduced by Omar C who plays the main role. The film returns to the fate of the soldiers who were wrested from their homeland of Africa to come and fed the cannon fodder of the French front. The story tightens around the bond of father and son, and the story does not lack when it explains hierarchical relationships and the process of assimilation and alienation of individuals. But the whole remains somewhat academic and is limited above all to a new variation of heroism in times of war, at the risk of losing its true subject a little.

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