15 stars looking to steal from them to inspire your evening wear this summer 2022!

What do fans of good music and fashion lovers have in common? Coachella Festival! Every year, they gather in Indio (California) to spend a few crazy days, have fun until dawn and… show off their best dressed outfits. But what exactly is a festival? How do you adopt the Coachella style on a daily basis? And why is it so hip? The questions we unpack for you!

What is the Coachella style and why is it so popular?

The Coachella Music Festival is a springtime event not to be missed, as famous for its concerts as it is for its costumes. Every April, we see a group of celebrities and influencers wear hippie chic looks for the event. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, the festival is governed by a well-defined dress code. The clothes of the stars should be light enough to withstand the scorching heat of the desert, but also very stylish in order to gain followers on social networks. Palazzo pants, ruffled dresses, maxi skirts, vintage sunglasses, sparkly jewelry, straw hats, flower tiaras, feather accessories… Coachella style reigns supreme! So it’s no surprise that it affects our summer wardrobes.

The origins and history of the festival

Women's Coachella style tops for summer 2022

Like every year, the Coachella Festival opens against a backdrop of exceptional concerts and dance evenings. 2022 was no exception. Founded by Paul Tollett in 1999, the event takes place amidst palm trees, on a polo field located in the Coachella Valley, fitting festival-goers day in and day out. In fact, it is very common to set up special airlines for the occasion, to connect them directly to Los Angeles. With its remote location in the middle of the desert, Coachella is a true dreamy place with the feel of an amusement park with theaters, shops, food and drink stalls, artwork and more. Therefore, we have fun and show off our best outfits in front of a beautiful panorama during the week.

Coachella style, an inexhaustible source of fashion inspiration

Hairstyle Outfits Coachella Style Woman Stars Summer 2022

Coachella is a festival, but also a show that seeks to influence current fashion trends. Memories of the most elegant fashion designers remain, and therefore in our fashion files. Every year, there is bohemian style, vibrant colors and vintage accessories. Sobriety is rarely present. So it is better to do more than not enough. Bohemian dresses, floral necklines, ’60s headbands, denim shorts, split hem jeans, fringe, boots, cowboy boots, braided hairstyles, pink or rainbow hair, floral prints or tie and dye. We’re copying these hippie chic looks and showing off this summer’s evening look.

The best festival outfits to steal from the stars for summer evenings

Long robe

To easily embrace Coachella style on a day or evening basis, you have two options: Dare to look hippie chic with strong pieces like bohemian dresses, printed tops, slit skirts, fringed ankle boots and scarves. Wear it in small touches with trendy accessories. Either way, we’re inspired by the wardrobe of our favorite festival goers! Some of the stars love the California festival so much that they usually go there every year, without exception. This is especially the case with actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Shay Mitchell. A perfect opportunity to steal some looks from her for your summer evening! See you in the photo gallery!

Leonie Han

Coachella pants fashionable women's outfit summer 2022

Vanessa Hudgens – The Absolute Queen of Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens Coachella Summer Dress Outfit 2022

Leather cropped top, sequin mini skirt and accessories galore

Coachella Summer 2022 ملابس

Urgent clone bohemian style costume

Bohemian style Coachella

Long maxi dress with large rings and chain straps

Women's crochet dress Coachella summer 2022

Kim Kardashian and her two-piece outfit she wears with LSD sandals

Kim Kardashian Coachella two-piece set, a modern evening look

Crochet bikini top and tube mini skirt

Coachella Crochet Mini Skirt Evening Wear

Sublime, Alessandra Ambrosio challenges the bandana to a crop top version

What Coachella Inspired Evening Outfit To Wear This Summer 2022

Paris Hilton’s shining rock outfit

Paris Hilton Coachella Evening Set Summer 2022

crochet pleated skirt

Fashionable Coachella Women's Long Crochet Skirt

Dare Elsa Hosk “Coachellian” braids to enhance your summer evening outfit!

Coachella outfit idea for women's clothing 2022

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