Will reverse color be as successful as tie and dye in hair coloring?

Light roots, darker lengths… The reverse ombre trend might be familiar to you. Naturally, Billie Eilish would update it. And your grunge accents might make you want to indulge… who knows?

If you like to have fun with your look, if you don’t hold your hair in place or simply if you are tired of hiding your roots and want to let them fully bloom in broad daylight, this trend is for you!

We are talking about reverse ombre or inverted ombre. It is simply a trend aimed at Bleach the roots to create a clear contrast between the top of your head and your height. Whether your hair is brown, blond, red, blue, yellow or other colors, it is quite possible to adopt the reverse color in your own way, depending on your desires. You can either choose Shade of your natural coloreither set the shade of your choice (including pastel) or blunt Add salt and pepper. The great thing about this trend is that you can really let your imagination run wild and express your individuality however you want.

Inverse tangent: the trend that results from several consecutive constraints

If we notice the highlighting of the reverse shadow trend these days, the latter is not new. Besides being brought up by Billie Eilish (remember her green roots and brown length), she was above all else more exposed. After various confinements due to Covid-19. At that time, hairdressers and other businesses were closed, allowing women To free themselves from the constraints of hiding their white hair. And while having to stay home wasn’t a fun time for all of us, it at least gave women a chance to wonder. ancient aesthetic standards and their own vision of beauty.

“Stop hiding your white hair also gives your middle finger a narrow definition of beauty and femininity. It’s a rejection of the ridiculous standards that say we shouldn’t be allowed to get old, we’ll only be attractive when we’re young, and therefore weak and inexperienced.”rightly explains Aurélie Louchart, the book’s author too curly? to 20 minutes.

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To let you get inspired and visualize the trend in more detail, we’ve spied Instagram for the most beautiful hits in terms of reverse color. Blond, brown, red or colored… There is something to suit all hair colors and above all tastes… Take a look.

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