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Coral Dyson Hair Straightener: Our Favorite Multifunctional Product

Are you looking for a device that will give you Hollywood curls as well as wavy waves without forgetting your essential smoothing wand? The Dyson Coral straightener is what you need. Thanks to its flexible copper plates, it damages hair up to twice as long as a classic straightener while making it shiny, smooth and above all, without frizz (a dream!). We love its various features: a wireless option for quick touch-ups for up to 30 minutes, three precise settings to adapt to all hair types, and an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of inactivity. If you’re still not convinced, it has won several beauty awards and is considered one of the best on the market. We are already occupied, we must admit to you.

Cordless Hair Straightener – 200 Watts



Hair Styling Devices: Low-Cost Options

If you don’t want to budget a big budget for your hair styling devices, know this DiscountThere are always great promotions! On the hair side, we’re for the basics like BaByliss Speed ​​Pro . Hair Dryer Which promises a professional brushing at home. with one Air flow 100 km/hIt allows for a very fast drying. We love the delicate volumizer of the latter that allows for a smooth, glossy result. And if you dream of silky hair, we advise you to do so Saint Algue Steam Straightener. The titanium-coated plates work with water vapor that is put directly into the integrated tank, and delivers moist, uplifting hair. But if you’re a fan of travel, or you’re looking for a “pocket” straightener to take everywhere, this one is for you. Continental Edition PERFECT: The aluminum plates, ceramic coating, and light, compact shape make it an excellent straightener to slip into your purse or bag. What is its main origin? Its ridiculous price is 4.99 euros. At this price, you can’t go wrong!

Demeliss TITANIUM Steam Iron Set

Demeliss TITANIUM Steam Iron Set

Holy seaweed


Speed ​​Pro 2000 hair dryer with AC motor

Speed ​​Pro 2000 hair dryer with AC motor

Baby Less

24.99 €

Hair straightener / travel straightener

Hair straightener / travel straightener

Continental Edison

4.99 €

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