PHOTOS – Audrey Florott’s tattoo at HPI: true or false?

The star of the hit series HPI aired on Thursday, May 19, 2022, Audrey Floro, who plays Morgan Alfaro, is raising suspicion with her large tiger tattoo on her chest. Info or Intox?

It’s a new success for The second season of the HPI series was launched on April 29, 2021 on TF1. The series was a huge success, collecting more than 9.3 million viewers! We find Inspector Morgan Alvaro embodied by Audrey Floro but this time for the second season, the forty-year-old reveals an impressive tattoo on her left chest. In the skin of a slut character and HPI (High Intellectual Potential) diagnosis, Audrey Florott takes a supposedly open view: High-heeled shoes, short skirts, a metallic puffy jacket and laces of all colors in her red hair. So his new tattoo is a complete part of the personality And that’s the great novelty of this second season, and its success is there.

For the first season in 2021, Anthony Lancrete Co-producer of the series, recognized at a ceremony: From the start, we thought that with a character like this, we had to create a costume. Sometimes, in a chain, clothing can be a major key. There was a real problem that sparked many discussions between the creator of the series, Alice Chigaray BriognutAudrey Florott Nadia ShmilowskiAnd the fashion designer that I followed in many series and the channel that participated greatly in this field.”

© Francois RoyalantsIn this second season of HPI, Audrey Floro raises suspicion by imposing a tiger tattoo on her chest.

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Morgane Alvaro: A successful combination of bad taste and a comic book character

So, her character, Audrey Floro, molded her super heroinemother of three, single, housekeeper. “We had to find the right balance between bad taste, a bit of a comic book aspect and a very teenage thing, from the panoply order. This is the moment of adolescence where you can’t go out without coordinating shoes with a bag and a knot in the hair. I find that quite touching in the character She is 40 years old, Audrey Fleurot was also entrusted to the Télé-Loisirs in May 2021.

Fake tattoo borrowed directly for the series! If the red-haired actress continues to subtly flirt between the grotesquely sexy panorama and the superhero, she nonetheless offers an unfettered vision of feminine and maternal freedom. Sparkling, the mother of a little boy named Lu perfectly embodies the role of a policewoman!

Audrey Floro with her fake tattoo for the HPI series, airing on TF1.
© Film, Television and Platform DistributorsAudrey Floro with her fake tattoo for the HPI series, airing on TF1.

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