Narbonne: The cashier attacked defies her expulsion

The Employment Tribunal ruled again that an Intermarché fund employee who is unable to return to work, due to his medical disability, was dismissed after being physically assaulted in 2017.

Daniel Stefaro, the managing company of Intermarché Narbonne, returned this day for the third time, before a council of Prud’hommes called for a “split” of the parties. The first, who was dismissed due to her “medically proven incapacity,” challenged her dismissal, at the end of 2019, and the abusive judge alleged that her inability, according to her lawyer, came from “Employer’s previous breach that caused it.”M And Cambon, from Bar Narbonne, confirms that

“The complete disregard by the employer for the employee’s health and safety.” The story begins on September 4, 2017. As Danielle, who is set for an automatic exit, struggles with two homeless people who appear to be alcoholics. The tone rises and the insults merge. The situation is deteriorating to the point that the spouses’ wife hits A “big slap” to the automated cashier and still makes death threats. “The attack would never have happened if he had been the security guard,” he added (Located a few meters away, editor’s note)did her job”m . criticizes And Cambon. The videos show that he was on the phone and could not be reached in this way as a required measure, forcing Daniel to leave his workplace to make him understand the gravity of the situation. “The impact on his health resulted in severe psychological trauma, psychological control and work-related disability.”

Danielle was not able to return to work and the doctor of the profession declared her unfit for any position.For the opposing party a. And Joyce, from Bar Montpellier, believes that Danielle followed the homeless and thus left her workplace. “She put herself at risk.”Just. Defense – Come 3 And Times before Conseil des Prud’hommes “as a principle” – It also ensures that the employee treats the homeless as a thief, and this is the reason for raising the tone. She responded back to the slap by pulling the woman’s hair. His conclusion:

“We cannot consider that there has been any failure on the part of the employer.”
The fact remains that today Danielle is afraid to leave her home and is no longer able to work in her sector of activity. It asked the company to be sentenced to 8 months’ salary in compensation (10,431 euros) and another 5,000 euros for lack of information on pension guarantees.

Judgment is reserved for August 25th.

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