Julianne Moore surprises in When You’re Done Saving the World, Jesse Eisenberg’s satirical comedy

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In Cannes, the often glamorous world of cinema faces the same twists every year. What can the film do in the face of the corruption of the world? Vincent Lyndon, President of the 75 . JuryAnd Edition Cannes, put the question during the opening ceremony, Tuesday 17 May, by presenting “A salute to all who suffer and fight”with the opening of the festival against the background of the war in Ukraine, not to mention other dangers – the epidemic, the blowing of the planet, etc.

Anxious and anxious Jesse Eisenberg, 38, a New York actor with teenage curls, and playwright, is no exception to this dilemma: he lives surrounded by people who work in the “social” sphere and his first feature – clips, When you’re done saving the worldWhich opened Critics’ Week on Wednesday, May 18th, born out of these intractable reflections that torment and inspire him. In such a subject, which betrays an academic thesis, the director finds the right tone for satirical comedy, throwing his characters to nettles, mired in contradictions and uncontrollable vanity. Thus, the stunned heroes may take some time to rearrange themselves.

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Take, for example, a small college town in the United States. Evelyn is the kind of Mother Teresa who runs a home and body for female victims of violence: her role is played by the unexpected Julianne Moore, who gracefully takes on a pathetic and comedic character. Devoted to others, Evelyn is enthusiastic and clumsy, despite her constant conviction that she is on the right track. His son, Ziggy (Finn Wolfhard), a high school student, is immersed in his popular compositions, which he plays and monetizes on a platform intended for a small group of fans. He doesn’t care about the rest…Mother and son look at each other like porcelain dogs, Father (Jay O. Sanders) counts the dots, while worrying about his teenage son’s level of distress: No he’s part of this young, white, class Supreme, whose suicide rate rises?

Infernal family life

When you’re done saving the world He balances his political title as a petty interrogation: “When you’re done saving the world…”as it looks like: “When you have finished your meal, you will remove your plate.” Specifically, family life is hell or non-existent. Mother arrives early, meals turn into a screaming match, and son runs to lock himself in his room.

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