In the November 13 trial, one of the “forgotten heroes” of BAC 75

On the evening of November 13, 2015, there were an infinite number of “hero” In this room of the Bataclan. The men and women who, in the midst of the chaos and without being paralyzed by fear, were able to perform acts of courage, opened the emergency door here, and revealed makeshift hideouts there. from “hero” In uniform too.

No one has forgotten the head of the BRI party, Christophe Mollmy, who came to the courtroom to narrate, second by second, the attack on the last two terrorists who were holding 11 hostages. Forever engraved words, like those of this Bac 75 commissioner who, barely entering the Bataclan, managed to shoot a terrorist before he activated his explosive belt.

The “first responders” who entered the Bataclan too early

But more often than not, there were also “forgotten” heroes in this story: more than fifteen police officers from BAC 75 who that evening joined their “boss” inside the concert hall. Even before BAC and RAID arrived. When it was necessary to evacuate the wounded, he curled up in the pit, while two terrorists were still upstairs.

The “first responders”As they are called, in this trial where their story can finally be told in broad daylight. Far from honoring the hierarchy who, curiously, did not consider it appropriate to invite them to the Invalides tribute ceremony. Giving them the feeling of being erased from the great patriotic narrative of the attacks.

This Thursday, May 19, Vincent took the podium. Short hair, gray shirt, long, strong, square. A policeman, like all his colleagues, did not hesitate for a second, that evening, to join his “boss” inside this room where no one really knew what was going on. “Just before entering, I called my wife, who is a childcare worker. I told him what we were going to do. I told him, ‘I love you, he will be fine’ and hung up, “ Says Vincent, who, like his colleagues, is not particularly equipped to deal with terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs. “I just got my flak jacket and gun ready,” Vincent remembers.

In the Bataclan hall, BAC police officers see 75 security guards “Bullet in the head”. Then their commissioner told them this if there were any of them “Do not feel the force to enter”, He will totally understand it. “But we all got in”, Vincent says that as soon as he gets into the room he sees a mountain of tangled corpses. “I said to myself, ‘This is not possible, they are all dead,'” trust.

But very quickly, like his colleagues, Vincent realized that in this hole there are many men and women who are only physically healthy or injured, but they no longer take a step so as not to attract the attention of terrorists.

“I thought about my funeral”

So it’s all on the minds of the “first responders”, who come in to play rescuers but can’t help but think of their weaknesses, in this room where a Kalashnikov bullet can arrive from anywhere. “At one point, I was convinced that I would not go out alive, Vincent says. Earlier, I lost two of my colleagues on the Ring Road. Then the photos of their funeral came back to me in a loop. I thought of my own funeral and imagined that my wife would attend. Living in that moment was very complicated.

Narrative. At the trial of November 13, the statements of the victims who did not want to speak

Then, at one point, the BAC commissioner asked the healthy spectators to leave the room and his men to evacuate the wounded. And the ballet began. We would take the victim and take her out into the hall and then come back to take another victim. We’ve done this dozens of times.” Vincent remembers. Evacuation continued until BRI and RAID arrived. Then BAC 75 returned to its base. “That’s when we realized that on our clothes and shoes there was blood and bits of flesh”, Vincent, speaking in a calm tone afterwards, says of the afterlife.

and who is this ‘Very strong depression’ Arrive without warning. I found myself unable to leave my house without a weapon. I was always in a state of hypervigilance. I also suffer from massive insomnia. Sometimes I slept for an hour for four nights in a row. I was in so much pain that my wife threw in the towel and we broke up. Finally, she broke up with me.

Vincent is still working at BAC 75. But we feel he hasn’t left the Bataclan completely yet. He always has certain indelible images, like that of this man, right in front of him, dying in the arms of his wife. Vincent also talks about a young woman he saw in the hole, seriously disfigured. At the time, it was believed that she would not survive. And then, today, before coming to the tavern, the policeman saw this young woman on the benches of the civil parties. “Knowing that she’s still alive, maybe that will allow me to get a little better,” Vincent said.

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