Honey Wipe on Dark Brown Hair: Ideas for Inspiration

Nostalgic for the summer ending? Using honey on dark brown hair allows the sun’s reflections to last longer while favoring fall colors. Before applying this method of coloring a few years ago, sun kisses or natural blonde color were a guarded privilege for natural blonde and light brown hair. Today, we can also highlight dark brown hair using honey. So how do you resist the can’t-miss color trend? Deavita offers the advantages of this coloring technique.

Balayage – what is this?

Honey balayage on inspiring dark brown hair

Balayage is a coloring technique that gives reflections of light, honey, caramel, golden or copper without getting full coloration. It is an ideal solution for brunettes who want to simplify their dark chestnut color without opting for full coloring, and it is also less aggressive for the hair and easier to maintain. It consists primarily of illuminating your hair and allowing the colors to blend together thanks to the pigment deposited on very fine strands, and also distributed on the roots as well as on the lengths or ends.

What type of hair?

Light honey conditioner on long hair

In fact, honey sweep is not limited to one type of hair. This technique gives an added value to each type of hair, whether it is fine or thick, short or long. It gives the impression of volume to fine hair, relief to a lush mane, and depth to curls. Balayage is a very good solution for sensitive scalps and perfectly suits both curly and straight hair.

For what skin?

Honey balayage on a brown base

In fact, honey powder softens features and goes well with fair skin as well as dark skin, giving you the freedom to experiment with honey shades.

Survey – on what basis?

Caramel Balayage on Brown

Brown hair is often criticized for being too flat and dull. If your hair is dark brown and you want to change it up without risking, the honey sweep technique is the perfect solution to lighten your hair while avoiding drastic transitions. This honey sweep is mainly for women with chestnut and brown hair who want to increase the radiance of their hair while keeping their naturalness. This method has the effect of lightening the natural base. On a brown base, experts are instead betting on a caramel sweep while we opt for honey or gold over a blonde base.

How do you take care of checking it?

Honey balayage on a chestnut base

Any hair coloring style. Although sweeping is a much less dangerous technique than full coloring, experts recommend using it in moderation, and doing no more than 3 combings per year, so as not to damage your hair fibers.

Honey balayage on a chestnut base

The advantage of this technique is ease of maintenance. This explains why this method is so popular among the hurried modern women: when it grows back, there is no rooting or hindrance effect in the hair. If you want to revive your color, you will need to make an appointment with your hairdresser approximately every 3 months.

Balayage honey on a very dark brown

The worst that can happen to you in the meantime is your locks turning yellow or red. In this case, just take a yellowing remedy that will revive the color. And since this technique will remain relevant for a long time, we have prepared for you a photo gallery that can serve as a source for ideas that apply to your hairstyle and hair type.

Caramel balayage on long brown hair

Sober balayage on medium length hair

Light honey balayage hair

Long hair with honey balayage

Dark brown hair ideas

Light honey plage

Discreet honey balayage

medium length honey

Sweep the waves of honey

Blayage honey on a dark brown base

Honey conditioner on brown hair

Honey balayage on dark brown hair Ideas for inspiration

Honey balayage on long straight hair

brown hair balayage

Balayage on dark brown hair

Balayage on brown hair

honey brown balayage

Dark brown hair with low highlights

Dark Hair Understated Balayage

Blyaj honey for long hair

Two shades of Honey Balayage

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