Here’s how to make-up to enhance your gorgeous color!

Getting ash blonde hair has become a huge trend over the past few years and it is still gaining a following all over the world. However, to improve this wonderful color, proper makeup is required. But what make-up to choose exactly? To avoid slips, our editors reveal favorite colors, as well as those that should be shunned altogether. On Today’s Show: Skin, Eyes, Lips and a New Trend to Adopt Closed Eyes!

Fill in the neutral tones!

Before considering makeup for ash blond hair in more detail, let’s make it clear that neutral tones are preferred and you will not regret your choice. These shades are natural and go great with a gray-blond color. Use for eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones. For the mouth, a peach-colored lip gloss would work just fine.

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What ash blond hair makeup to enhance the complexion?

Let’s start with the basics, skin! Therefore, in order to have a perfect complexion and smooth a very elegant ashy blond color, it is important to consider some important factors. In general, blondes have a lighter skin tone and knowing how well they work can do wonders for your skin. In this context, we do not recommend applying too much makeup at the risk of creating a very ugly “mask” effect.

So choose a BB cream whose lightest formula allows you to gently conceal your imperfections without weighing down your face. A liquid foundation is also a good option as long as you choose a shade that matches your skin tone and don’t use it often.

Finally, enhance your cheekbones with a little pink blush if you’re too white or prefer an apricot shade for brown skin.

What make-up blondes Ash blond coloring How to make up your eyes

Eye makeup should also complement the gray-blond color. To succeed in this often difficult task and avoid mistakes, our editors give you all the good tips to consider depending on your eye color. to focus!

Make-up tip: While some makeup products vary in color, we’re a safe bet, and it’s in particular the perfect line of eyeliner that brightens every look, no matter what eye color! We recommend the gorgeous classic, black. Ditto for mascara.

The blue eyes

Ash blond hair color What makeup for blue eyes

When it comes to blue eye makeup and blonde hair, there are some good options out there for you. Opt for golden brown or champagne and shimmery copper eyeshadows to brighten up your complexion. Also, hues like pink and purple work well with gray or brown undertones.

green eyes

Ash blond hair color What makeup for green eyes

Ash blonde is a great hair color for green eyes, but choosing the right makeup can be a headache. Don’t panic because our editors are saving you! In the end, enhancing your ash blonde hair with good makeup is good for morale, right? So stock up on warm pastel shades including plum, pink, and even purple. Generally, high-quality eyeshadow palettes have highly pigmented shades, so you don’t need to apply a lot of them. Finally, apply mascara and/or a line of eyeliner for a more intense look.

brown eyes

Ash blonde hair makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls, you’re lucky that you can handle anything. However, we recommend giving preference to warm shades such as copper and gold tones. The latter should also harmonize with the pencil and mascara.

What about the lips?

How to wear ash blonde makeup when you're blonde lip makeup

Ash blond hair and fair skin? Stock up on lipstick in pastel colors like pink or peach. In addition, the gloss is ideal for making the mouth shine. Are you one of those bold girls who wants well-defined lips? Feel free to go for the great classic – red!

Makeup trend 2022 must be taken into account!

Ash Blonde Makeup Clean Look Trend 2022

The makeup trend is viral on social media and allows us to succeed in our beauty routines easily and quickly. These include clean-looking makeup, which supports natural makeup and a glossy look with minimal products.

Makeup for ash blond hair color: shadows should be avoided

What color ash blonde hair to avoid

Finally, it is worth noting the colors to avoid slips in makeup. So get rid of bright, deep and very dark colors that will only heighten your look and create a strong contrast. Silver and pearl highlights should also be avoided.

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