Hair growth serum has been a hit on social media

Very popular and active on TikTok, the brand rose gold He’s been talking about her a lot for a few months now.
Offering ranges of girly hues and the looks of makeup products, Rosegold’s packaging stands out from other skincare products on the market and is increasingly attractive to women, particularly thanks to Rosehair, a hair growth-accelerating serum.

Rosehair, clean product

Made up of more than 98% of natural ingredients, this bottle of growth activator called Rosehair, made up of red clover extracts and several vitamins, promotes hair growth.
The odorless, pink product comes in a very flashy pink and gold packaging, which is the brand’s signature design.
Supplied with a small piece that makes it easy to apply the serum to the roots, and it contains 12 ml of the product, and it can be used for a month.

Rose hair is the most promising length and volume for the hair, as it nourishes and thickens it from the first weeks of treatment.
In this regard, clinical trials conducted according to the gold standard have proven the effectiveness of the product, and found that after only one month of use, 10% in length and 40% in volume were observed in users of the serum, while 80% said they had more nourished hair.
To make the most of the beneficial effects of Rosehair, the brand recommends starting a 3-month treatment and therefore offers packages containing 3 to 6 months of treatment.
Non-greasy and without rinsing, the serum does not leave a cardboard film on the hair and should be applied after every shampoo.

Not only offering hair growth products, the range also offers eyebrow growth serums, rich in biotin and vitamins, and also comprised of 98% natural ingredients.
Rosebrow bottles work on the same principle as the hair collection, are presented in the form of a spangle, have a small applicator with a foam tip, a process for distributing the substance to the eyebrows.
To be applied preferably at night so that the serum has time to work, you will be able to see its effects from the first month. On Nocibé’s website you can also find many other treatments of the brand, such as the #1 selling eyelash growth treatment in France, lip balm, or concealer and puffiness serum. Complete and effective ranges to restore the beauty of your skin and hair within a few months.

RoseHair Serum, 45 €

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