Dyson’s new beauty title

pink Poetry And you are a complete love story. And sometimes hate. Because when they want a face lift, they don’t go hand in hand. Anyway, the desire to to take care of Our hair is increasingly present, especially with the development new technologies Which allows us to respect hair fibers. We remember the super hot curling iron that burns our skin. Brand followers Dyson You won’t be able to say the opposite: Nothing beats a hair dryer that controls heat and allows you to star dry hair without damaging our hair. This is what the brand understood. Because she is eager to pamper your hair, she opens a beauty lab Dedicated to their beauty on Friday 20 May.

The largest beauty lab in the world

located in the heart of ParisIn the Opera District, the Dyson Beauty Lab is 150 square metres, specially designed and equipped to install the largest Dyson Beauty space in the world. Just that. A space that you will find inside the Paris Opéra demo store, which opened in September 2019. So the idea is to be able to buy Atmosphere Then they go to get their hair done but also to go there just to shave.

“Paris is a focus fashion And from here Beauty And it remains a very important market for Dyson. The Dyson beauty lab Different from other beauty salons – it reflects the scientific research on hair in our laboratories Dyson around the world, directly to our users and buyers, helping them to better understand Poetry And our technology. In these places, Dyson experts guide people with the right tools for their hair type and styling needs. » James Dyson

A unique beauty experience

In this box where Poetry ScienceBeauty and technology intertwine, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy a tailor-made service. The latter includes a professional hair diagnosis, shampoo, treatment and cleaning by expert Dyson hairstylists. All in a space that recreates the atmosphere of a typical apartment Parisian.

Science in the service of beauty

In order to make your diagnosis as best as possible, you will be able to pass by the hands of a Dyson expert who will pass a strand of your hair under a “trichology” microscope. Under this microscope, a hair analysis will be done to know the exact condition of your hair, from roots to ends, and thus be able to direct you to a product that suits your hair type.

Appointments are priced at €40 and can be booked directly on the Dyson.fr website or in the demo store.

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