Cannes Film Festival Day 1: Tom Cruise, Letter Cups and Tutti Frutti Cocktails

Choosing the right Mr. Freeze

Camille Makwat

1:00 pm – Dior Workshop

Corridor in Dior’s “workshops” installed in two rooms on the fifth floor of the Majestic. To get busy as best they can, the little hands of the Parisian house cleaned the place beds. Instead, there are tons of shelves, covers, and shoes with name tags. All clothes intended for climbing the different steps of the day are stored in a room with closed curtains. In the bathroom there is a mirror covered with pictures of handbags. why not.

1:30 PM – Presented by Alessandra Sublette

At a manicure and pedicure salon, presenter Alessandra Sublette scrolls through TikTok videos on her phone while pampering her toes.

4 PM – Caribbean Atmosphere

Under the large canopy of a balcony on the Rue Antibes, we found a friend from the editorial staff. Last night, I played a record-breaker on The Evening of Coupez! , organized under the tromboscopes at the Palais des Festival Casino. Like the smileys who mischievously decorate her shiny nails, she’s happy, DJ: Her party was a hit. People wanted to dance, to be released. We’re done at 5 a.m. to Caribbean music,” she says, drinking an iced coffee with a little almond milk. A little later, she’s on a train to Paris. In a week, she’ll be back to host one of the last evenings of Fortnight. If the festival is for For some it is a grueling marathon, for others it is a magical leap.

4:30 p.m. – Rosie, beer, champagne

In an alley in the old town, a few Americans drag their slippers onto the sidewalk without really knowing where to go, and they are already hawks from their day. One of them wears red suspenders over a white tuxedo shirt. On his shaven head and rosy by strong sunlight, a palm-shaped tattoo appears. Our interpretation: Filled with roses, beer, and champagne during the previous festival edition, the American rushed to the first tattoo parlor in La Boca to mark in his body the certainty of his victory on the second Sunday of two weeks. Except our guy was never in competition. It is nothing but another western product where sharks and ninjas meet. Moral of the story: Go to bed early in Cannes.

5:45 pm The battle to look at Tom Cruise

A crowd is being organized in Croisette, under the Chanel store lawn. There, Panama hats rub shoulders with Ferrari hats, gala dresses rub shoulders with plaid tribal shirts. It smells like sweat and the number 19. In the extensions, the site is said to offer a scenic view of climbing stairs Tom Cruise, to all those who have not been so lucky to get accreditation. bullish error. The most experienced tourists are not fooled: “In ten minutes, they will see none of these,” whispers a resident of Cannes. Don’t bother: very quickly, the thin pavement was no longer enough to hold the dozens of people crowding. Italian television photographers curse the spectators who prevent them from advancing and chant “Avante Avanti! An English tourist asks her neighbor: “What are these people waiting for here?” He replies curtly: “In your opinion? They are not waiting for the train. Moreover, in the Dior store, a regular practitioner in a floral dress, and a lavender bouquet tattooed on the back, makes her way to the front. She lies ‘I’ve come to take a picture and leave.’ To see the star, you have to stand in a narrow axis: the set of stairs. The red one appears a hundred meters away, between a traffic light and a palm tree. I want your love From Chic results, Actor Top Gun: Maverick Enters with the film crew. The unobstructed view is obscured but in the sky, fighter planes are flying at low altitude and spreading blue-white-red smoke.

20:30 – The battle of dresses

Dress fight in the palace. The steps are good. Once you get in, it gets more complicated. Thanks to XXL dresses, it’s hard to occupy just the place you have. The dress overflows onto the next chair and goes down the aisle. Maximum tension when the second elegance arrives. We should have 6 cubic meters of tulle. She gets annoyed, rattles, will her dream outfit turn into a combat weapon? Finally, a solution is found: the spectators leave as soon as the lights are out. And so bad The best.

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