Amber Heard’s sister witnesses an argument between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife

The tumultuous trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues. Wednesday, May 18, it was the actress’s sister’s turn to testify. She recounts the day she witnessed a violent argument between the former spouses.

In Fairfax court, stories of the controversy between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp follow each other as the trial, which began on April 11, continues. She filed a lawsuit for defamation by her ex-husband, a starAquaman Now she calls her witnesses to the tavern. On Wednesday, March 18, the actress’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, said she witnessed a violent argument between the former couple. The conflict is said to have started after Amber Heard accused her husband of cheating on her after he found messages on his phone addressed to another woman.

Then the younger sister explains that on that day the couple was exchanging “really mean” insults and Whitney tried to take her sister to the next apartment she lived in. “Johnny Depp goes up the stairs and kicks me in the back. I heard Amber scream ‘Damn, don’t touch my sister,'” I slapped her. And there, I realized it,” says the actress’s sister. When Johnny Depp’s bodyguard arrived to try to separate them.” [Johnny Depp] He grabbed her by the hair with one hand and slapped her with the other.

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The calm after the storm

The bodyguard finally manages to separate the two former lovers, and Whitney Henriquez takes her sister into a locked room. “I hear Johnny shouting insults, I hear noises of things breaking,” the witness explains. The next day, the young woman said she found Amber Heard’s wardrobes “completely destroyed” and many broken things in the kitchen. After her story, Whitney Henriquez says it was the only argument she saw. Johnny Depp had even asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement after this incident, which she refused.

At the helm, Amber Heard’s sister recounted the position of the star Pirates of the Caribbean Under alcohol influence. “When he was sober, it was great, when it wasn’t so horrible. If he was taking drugs or drinking, there was always an argument.” The actress’s sister ended up describing the situation Amber Heard was in when she finally filed for divorce. She was “physically ill, weighing 50 kilograms completely wet, and her face was emaciated.” Several other testimonies must follow until the end of the trial. Debates on the issue must continue until May 27, when the jurors will retire to deliberation.

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