Amber Heard’s sister witnesses a violent altercation between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife

Whitney Henriquez said Wednesday that she witnessed a violent 2015 argument between her sister Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, who is suing his ex-wife: “He grabbed her by the hair with one hand and was kicking her with the other.” Wife for defamation in US court.

The scene is one of multiple quarrels between the former couple referred to since the highly publicized trial began in court in Fairfax, near Washington.

On March 23, 2015, a month after their marriage, the couple exchanged insults “really mean” according to Whitney Henriquez, in their duplexes in Los Angeles.

She wants to take her sister to the next apartment where she lives.

On the stage, she said, Johnny Depp “goed up the stairs and he hit me in the back.”

“I hear Amber’s scream + damn it, don’t touch my sister +, I slapped him. And there he grabs her,” she explained.

“He had grabbed her by the hair with one hand and was kicking her with the other,” Whitney Henriquez said, when Johnny Depp’s bodyguard rushed over.

The guard finally managed to banish the actor and took her sister into a locked room.

“I hear Johnny shouting insults, I hear the sounds of things breaking,” she said afterwards.

She explained that the next day she found Amber Heard’s wardrobes “completely destroyed” and many broken items in the kitchen.

The feud began when the 36-year-old actress accused her husband of cheating on her after text messages were found on his phone directed at another woman.

– confidentiality agreement –

Whitney Henriquez claimed that it was the only violent argument she witnessed during their relationship.

After this incident, Ms. Henriquez confirmed that Johnny Depp asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement, which she did not do. later moved away.

On top of it, she also explained that the position of the actor of the epic “Pirates of the Caribbean” has shifted under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

“When he was sober, it was great, when it wasn’t so horrible,” she said. “If he was taking drugs or drinking, there was always an argument.”

She also spoke of Johnny Depp’s slow-motion takeover of Amber Heard’s life: he asked the actress’s stylist to choose festive outfits “more and more conservative”, objected to certain roles and refused to have a secret code for her mobile phone.

In May 2016, when she finally filed for divorce, her 34-year-old sister said Amber Heard “was physically poor, weighed completely wet, and had a scrawny face”.

The 58-year-old actor, who testified in late April, admitted to his excessive drug and alcohol use, but denied raising his hand on Amber Heard and insisted it was violent.

Johnny Depp is accusing his ex-wife of ruining his reputation and career by claiming in a 2018 Washington Post column that she suffered domestic violence two years earlier, without naming him.

He is claiming $50 million in damages. The actress, best known for her role in the movie “Aquaman”, was counterattacked and asked for a double.

The deliberations are scheduled to continue until May 27, after which the seven jurors will retire for deliberation.

The two actors began an affair in October 2011 before marrying in February 2015. Divorce was announced in early 2017.

Already in 2020, Johnny Depp lost his first defamation lawsuit in London, against the British tabloid The Sun, which called him a “violent husband”.

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