Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp: The Infernal Trial Continues

Thursday 19 May 2022

It’s been more than a month since the lawsuit between the two Hollywood stars Amber Heard and Johnny Depp It started in Fairfax, California. As a reminder, the 58-year-old actor attacked his ex-wife for defamation and vice versa. Since their divorce in 2016, the two stars have accused each other of domestic violence and engaged in an open war. Two weeks ago, the world was on fire about Johnny Depp’s testimony heard at the bar, and today it’s Amber Heard, 36, to testify and his words are cold in the back.

The actress is asking for $50 million in compensation To her ex-husband, that’s the legal part, and she speaks above all about the violence she allegedly suffered during her six years as a married couple with Johnny Depp. Amber Heard showed pictures of her with bruises and swelling on her face because, according to her, the actor would have beaten her several times under the influence of drugs, even raping her under hallucinogenic mushrooms while traveling with friends. Really scary sayings she speaks with tears in her eyes at the trial.

Yesterday, Amber Heard’s sister came to testify at the bar and her statements mattered because she is the first person to claim to have witnessed the couple’s violence firsthand. Amber Heard’s little sister Whitney Henriquez said:

Johnny Amber grabbed the hair in one hand and punched her in the face repeatedly, while I was standing there.

Amber Heard wanted to defend her sister, the bodyguard of Johnny Depp He would have intervened too late, and suddenly the two sisters locked themselves in the room with the key and the next day they would have found all of Amber Heard’s bandages and brought back the broken things in the apartment. As you describe toxic Johnny Depp Who completely controlled her older sister by telling her, among other things, how to dress and what role she chooses. Furthermore, according to the actress, she was cut when editing Aquaman 2. She stated that despite her involvement on the set and in her role, Warner would have reduced her involvement by cutting scenes. After that, the two actors were in the same boat. It must be said that this trial and these mutual accusations are totally detrimental to their careers. As a reminder, Johnny Depp has also been kicked out of the Fantastic Beasts franchise and replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. It must be said that we still face such serious accusations on both sides that it seems logical on the part of the producers not to want to expose them.

If many talk about an experience worthy of a serial script, then it is above all a very bleak and unhealthy movie. In fact, we are still talking about two people accusing each other of very dangerous acts. this week, Amber Heard Against being questioned by a lawyer Johnny DeppHe had the same thing the other way around, of course, and that goes a long way. Amber Heard has been accused of retouching her photos, of going after Johnny Depp’s money and of outright lying under oath. In addition to the trial, she is also experiencing popularity on social networks and in the American media where she is played. Also, the audience loves Johnny Depp because many think of him as an actor and not as a person. Obviously we are in a battle of words against the word, these are very complex facts to be proven on one side or the other, but we should not question the words of victims of domestic violence, we are not in their lives. We don’t know what actually happened, it’s the job of the seven jurors present who will have to deliberate.

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