15 Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair

You have already chosen the dress, makeup and shoes, now it remains to work on your hairstyle … During this important day, you will move, take pictures and hug your loved ones. In addition to being beautiful, it should hold its length and highlight your face. How do you choose the perfect hairstyle and accessories to match when you have short hair? The editorial team shares their best tips and selection of inspiring images.

How do you choose your wedding hairstyle?

Definitely, We advise you to speak with a hairdresser who will take care of you that day. I know you will First test in the living room Find out if the hairstyle suits you and adjust it correctly on D-Day. In the meantime , These few tips may be useful to you

1- Adapt it to your face shape

you doubt it, Not all hairstyles are suitable for all faces ! If you have Round face for example, avoid round cakes In favor of the gradient of medium length.

On the other hand, if you have a file Smooth face, bet on hairstyles that give volume above the head. to me Square faces, bangs should generally be avoided. But if you have a file oval faceAnything goes to you! Of course, You are free to choose the hairstyle you like.

2- Make wicks to lighten if necessary

Know that if you are a brunette and decide to do a braid for example, the details will be less noticeable. Moreover, Feel free to make some soft lights To highlight the small details of the bride’s hairstyle.

3- Adapting it to the shape of her dress

It is best to choose her dress before deciding on her hairstyle. You’ll be able to adapt it and make it live up to your dress. Example: If her back is bare, don’t hide it with your hair down. On the other side If it’s strapless, all hairstyles are allowed. On the other hand, we advise you to keep the hair free from the bohemian dress.

4 – Plan 2 hairstyles for the big day

the first Sophisticated with accessories for todayThe party and the photos. And again Easier and lighter to wear in the evening dance. he is It is important to think about your comfort for the dayEspecially if you have a large lump of hair. Also, don’t push the pins too deeply into your skull.

Bridal Hairstyles: 15 Short Hair Inspirations

Ready to take action? You will notice that short hair is not at all an obstacle to a beautiful bride’s hairstyle. You’ll love our inspiration spotted on Pinterest…

1 – Bohemian braid and pearls

2 – Effects of wicks and crowns on jewelry

3 – tiara plexus and white flowers

4 – Effects of the wick and the crown of the flower

5- Bun and loose locks

6 – An elegant bun and a bow of tulle

7 – A buckle of fresh flowers

8 – Headband and flowers

9- Double braid and buckle decorated with bejeweled flowers

10 – Pin-up Scarf

11- Thin crown

12 – a simple braid in the front of the skull

13- Classical Dancer Tone

14- Barrettes and embellished hair

15 – coils and beads

you see that, Social networks are full of ideas that inspire us And help us find the perfect hairstyle. be careful If you choose fresh flowers to color them well so that they last all day. We also recommend using artificial flowers instead. (which you can use again) Or dried flowers if the theme of the wedding suits her.

Do you want to talk about wedding preparations? We are waiting for you in the dedicated section of our forums. Meanwhile, discover our wedding decorating ideas as well as our selection of bridesmaids dresses.

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