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adopt the right haircut It can sometimes change your face drastically, thereby refining you or making you look ten years younger. This explains why hairdressing is such a broad branch of vision. Guide with pictures with these pictures 15 before / after Impressive, in this slideshow.

Visagism: What is it?

The Vision It is defined by the dictionary larus As a ‘group of technologies aimed at gave value beauty FaceThis aesthetic consistency can be passed through a new haircut, coloring or wiping, proper makeup and care, eyebrow waxing, etc.

Other than simple beauty, these tools should create an image that reflects Inner traits to the topic and correct Personal. So the result obtained is always unique. “Good” haircut or makeup techniques for the same person can also vary, depending on what stage of life they find themselves in.

The make-up artist must, in fact, take into account the client’s tastes, way of life, professional requirements and temperament, in the same way face shapeThe temperature of his skin, or the color of his eyes and hair.

What haircut according to the shape of your face?

You will have understood that, haircut should not adapt to the shape of your face… But the hairdresser still has to take the latter into account, so that it really enhances your condition. With the right scissors, you can improve a round face, smooth a square jaw, balance a triangular face, hide a large forehead … Here are some examples of hairstyles that adapt to different face shapes:

  • round face : Wavy lengths, curly bob, plunging bob, side wick…
  • square face : Long, straight hair, short hair…
  • long face : A medium length cut, a layered cut, a bang to balance the face if the forehead is wide…
  • inverted triangle face : bob, medium length haircut, short haircut with bangs or a wick on the side …
  • hexagonal face : long layered cut, long curly square…
  • rectangular face : Long curly or wavy haircut, short curly haircut, thick bangs …
  • oval face : Any haircut can be suitable for this face shape – however, it must be chosen according to the nature of the hair.

How often should you cut your hair?

What is the ideal frequency of visiting the hairdresser for healthy hair? If some assert that you shouldn’t cut your hair too often to keep it long, in reality it will be quite the opposite. The more you cut your hair, the bigger it gets grow fast Contrary to what one might think, “explains on the subject to Medicity Jessica Leroyer, hairstylist at Fontainebleau (Seine et Marne). For her, there is no doubt that plenty of time is left between two pieces.” Everything depends on each person cutting and hair, but in general it is recommended to cut your hair Every three to six months, advises Jessica Leroyer. For men whose short haircuts generally develop faster, it will still be appreciated and you can go to the barber once your cut starts to get complicated in style.

Apart from rare conditions such as some serious diseases and their treatment, hair grows at a rate of 0.3 mm per day, ie. 1 cm per month for Caucasian type hair. African type hair grows less quickly, 0.8 cm per month, Asian hair 1.5 cm per month If you feel that your hair is not growing, breakage may be the cause. Indeed, by pushing from the root, but when breaking at the ends, the length of the hair will change only slightly. So it’s all about keeping your heights if you want to grow faster.

How do you take care of your hair in the fall?

During the fall and winter, your hair is tested. Faced with the lack of moisture from the cold air outside, the hot air inside, and the friction of a hat, your hair becomes dehydrated. So Schwarzkopf, a hair care brand, advises on its site “simply add a few drops of vegetable oil to your shampoo, or apply directly to the ends that are still damp.”Hair can regain softness and shine.” Dryness affects not only your hair, but also the scalp, which thus tends to “produce less sebum, which leads to the formation of dandruff.” In the face of an itchy scalp, the brand recommends “use an anti-dandruff shampoo.” You can also apply a mask to your scalp using a moisturizing carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil to moisturize your scalp.

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