Visiting Toronto: 5 to 7 cards and a haircut

“Okay Dan, stop asking us! You’ll be covering the Mariners and Abraham Toro series against the Blue Jays in May. Astor, leave us alone with this!”

Well, my boss didn’t really answer me, but it’s true that I’ve been chasing them practically every week.

I arrived at Rogers Center with my photographer. Pierre, a French cousin. The most beautiful boy in the world. He can talk to you about football and basketball for hours, but his knowledge of baseball is… superficial.

Example: a throw from second base to first base … Pierre calls it a pass. In addition to managing credits, player availability, and finding myself on the field, I have to teach the photographer a few basics so he doesn’t repeat such nonsense in public.

Now that interview requests have been submitted, and the photographer’s gear has been dropped, we can breathe a little and go back to childhood.

They are lucky

Walking down the stands, down the hallway that leads to the visiting team’s locker room and then onto the field, I came face-to-face with Abraham Toro. The main theme of our visit to Toronto.

Ibrahim greets us with a smile, but he doesn’t have much time to talk to us at that time. In fact, when we meet the keepers, he’s running around with his glove and some baseball bats on.

Suddenly Abraham reminds me of myself about 20 years ago. And surely you are too, if you bother reading this.

Ibrahim does not have time to talk to us because he will be playing on the grass and sand with his friends. He’s about to launch a file little chatter White, hitting with his stick and laughing with his friends.

Just like we all did in our youth.

The only difference is that it is Toro’s work. It’s her day at the store in Transformation Good evening, can you imagine?

The playing field changes every week. Today’s Toronto with the roof open and the CN Tower in the background.

for the weekend? in Boston. In a stadium created in 1912 where people from all over the planet plan vacations and leave a small fortune to visit the legendary place.

Yes, he is lucky. Lucky for me to be so talented for the amount of work he had to put in to match the talent he had at birth, Abraham deserves every minute he spends on the court.

Aware of his role with young baseball players and all Quebec sports fans, Toro takes the time to speak to Quebec journalists in the dugout before the duel. Keep a slightly shy look. He definitely doesn’t play with the big head and answers with a smile. A good athlete.

More important than speaking to the media paid to be there, Toro hears French in the stands. He turned and saw a young man from Quebec holding a sign. It’s not for Bechet or Guerrero. She’s with Toru and she’s signed now.

In twelve years, this little boy will undoubtedly prepare the boxes for his first apartment. This ancient signature of the sign that had been damaged a bit over the years would undoubtedly be found there.

to pretend

I think a lot of journalists are protesting. Pretending that they find it normal to have both feet on the field 45 minutes before the match starts to talk about baseball.

He pretends he’s used to being 10 feet from the rotten line to see Bo Bichette in one jersey, wearing a headband and heating up three hours before the game.

It’s to disguise that we admire Bo throws small weights right into the middle of the target ten times out of ten.

Hide to be touched by the sight of Vladimir Guerrero hitting the bombs on the giant screen in the middle of the field during the warm-up.

Note: Note where the giant screen is the next time you watch Jays on TV.

He’s also pretending you don’t really know where to go when your feet are in the middle of the players’ locker room when one of them naps on the sofa and the other six play cards three hours before the game.

Is this a good time to ask a guy playing cards for an interview? My instinct told me no.

You are waiting for the right moment, you open your eyes and you will notice. I noticed Major League Baseball guidelines in both English and Spanish on how to wear your uniform.

Unlike the Repentigny Giants, the belt is mandatory in Major League Baseball.

Well, Jesse Winner kidnapped on Instagram and went for coffee at a convenience store near the stadium.

At the barbershop

before my stay in sixI really need a haircut to be stylish on air.

Major League Baseball players play an average of six days a week. Vlad Guerrero doesn’t necessarily have the time the book Appointment at Ménick in Toronto on Tuesday morning.

How do we fix it first? Well we’re going to make a barbershop attached to the Blue Jays locker room, I’m making a trash can!

The stadium has its own barbershop!

We recovered from our emotions. Live appearances on RDS are over. The photographer picks up his equipment and finally captures where the shortstop is in the field. I did my job.

I see Abraham coming out of the tunnel and sitting in the shelter.

He wore his equipment. There is not a single wrong stitch and the lid looks like it is just outside the eyelid. Believe me, there is no trace of the grass from the game the day before.

I have my back to the field as I look in front of me. Without realizing it much, the stands are now almost occupied. It smells of popcorn and everyone is smiling.

The rainy day gave way to the sun’s rays on the blue terraces.

In about ten minutes, a young man from Longueuil will be playing with his friends in this environment. It will start again tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow. Maybe for 10 years.

He would probably do it for $40,000 a year, but he’s too rich to do it.

What a life, anyway.

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