Mushroom brown with gray blond highlights

A month before the start of the summer season, all the girls are eager to see and try new trends. Admit it, you’ve already picked out your new swimsuit and colorful dresses, right? ! So it’s time to find out what’s new in the world of hair trends. Are you curious to know that? Let’s go! Zoom in on Mushroom Brown Balayage with Ash Blond Reflections!

Brown and blond brown mushrooms – what exactly is it?

It’s no surprise that hair trends are dominated by nature, because this year it’s all over the place. Earthy tones inspire furniture designers, and animal prints are part of the stunning nail designs, but that’s not all. This is just a small example of how vital the trend is around the world.

So let’s see what exactly brown balayage mushrooms mean.

What are the hair trends summer 2022

This is a taupe-like brown shade paired with pale blonde highlights. The result is cooler than warm and provides a natural color that perfectly adapts to blonde as well as brunette women. But of course, the exact original appearance actually has many differences. Chestnut brown and warm blond are perfectly combined with more gray and cold shades. You will see them in the pictures. Certainly, this also depends on the natural color of your hair.

Will you adopt brown mushrooms with balayage?

How to adopt brown mushrooms on brown hair

As already mentioned, this fashionable balayage easily adapts to women with blond or brown hair. If you are redhead or with black hair, the change will be more severe. The choice will also not be easy for those who have not previously colored their clothes. But the good thing is that there are now a plethora of apps that can change your look in a second, so you can tell if brown mushrooms are right for you.

It should also be noted that it is more suitable for long hair. However, you will see a great way to pixie hairstyle below.

How to wear brown mushrooms for coloring?

Mushroom brown and blond brown

The darker the brown, the lighter and delicate it will be. This style is more suitable for the winter months. In the summer, choose lighter and cooler tones. You can even add a touch of bright color like lavender for example. The result is really amazing! And don’t forget the waves! They will enhance your new hair color even more!

Can you do this hair color at home?

Brown hair with blonde highlights

Mushroom sweep is generally obtained by mixing several colors (gray brown, purple, taupe, blond and different shades of gray) and by applying different coloring techniques. So it would be hard to imitate the look of a beauty like Catelyn Huang, unless you were so talented! If you choose a professional colorist, he will also help you find the perfect shades that match your skin tone and eye color. So don’t underestimate their work. Of course, all these skills are more or less expensive and the price of a blonde balayage on a brunette can cost you up to 130 euros. It depends on the type of hair salon and the length of your hair.

Is it complicated to maintain?

hair color trend

Well, we’re not going to lie to you… It’s not easy to maintain the ash highlights in this balayage, as they come off easily after a few washes. So a month (about) after your visit to the hair salon, you’re going to need a fix. You can do this in the salon or at home with professional products. Use the ones the colorist recommended to you in order to maintain the color. It is also important to consider the type of hair.

Also, use a color-appropriate shampoo and don’t forget to moisturize. This is necessary, especially in summer.

Brown pelagic mushrooms on short hair

brown mushroom hair technique

Mushroom brown and blonde are the most wearable trends

How to adopt brown mushrooms on brown hair

This is a neutral shade that will make your style more sophisticated

Mushroom brown and blond brown

Mushroom brown balayage with rogue bangs hair style

Mushroom brown with blonde highlights

Brown mushrooms – coloring with highlights in a shade of lavender

Brown mushroom coloring with lavender highlights

Balayage adds dimension to your hair

brown mushroom coloring

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