In “Evolution”, Kornel Mundruczo portrays the weight of the imprint of genocide

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Cornel Mondrozo, a Hungarian director known on the international scene, author of unusual and often uncomfortable films (Delta, white god, cut from a woman), continues in has evolved His collaboration with screenwriter Kata Weber, who first participated in Perception. The story actually belongs to the latter, because it was inspired by her mother’s story. To get to this point, it is about the intergenerational transmission of the narrative that is one of the most unacceptable: deportation to Nazi camps.

Thus, the film is divided into three panels. The first, very impressive, and almost wordless, is the fruit of a fictional vision, the interpretation of which will be given later, is the discovery of a still-life child, in the gas chamber, when the camp was liberated by the Soviets. army. Long shots, almost unbearable as you begin to comprehend where you are, of the vicious place of death being washed by three unsentimental men in copious water, with streams of maroon water, tufts of hair embedded in the walls and cracks in the ground, slowly being pulled in long black mats, his fingernail marks on the walls And, this child, half improbable, half immobile, was dragged out of Hell and brought back to life under the fading sky.

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The little girl named Eva, we find her in the second panel many years later, having become a half-senile old woman, amid an argument with her daughter Lina. A scene from the life of a Jewish family in an apartment in Budapest “kammerspiel” Poisoned, as there can only be any question of the trauma suffered by the mother, who always comes down to everything when her daughter wants to leave Hungary and settle in Berlin.

In this city, the third scene takes place, whose main hero is the young teenage Jonas, son of Lena, the third generation of the imprint of the genocide, the persecuted at school because he is different from the German youth, but who goes skillfully makes a semi-amorous pact with a Turkish outcast girl with strong mood; Will Jonas overcome the deaf family’s curse? Will he finally come out alive from the whale’s belly? It is the question, too subtle, too complex to limit, with which this bitter and relentless film is connected, and which wishes to give an understanding of how one in life bears the tragic weight of events that no one has experienced before.

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