How to style and maintain your hair during a heat wave

Despite the benefits of a sunny day, a heat wave poses far more challenges to a man’s hair than the milder climates we are accustomed to in Western Europe. From harmful UV rays to frizz-causing moisture, the styling products you’re used to may not serve you when temperatures exceed 20 degrees.

Many men simply choose to go for a short haircut from June to September. The “buzzcut” is not only one of the most refreshing hairstyles one can opt for, it is relatively low maintenance and you won’t need to work on it when your hair and scalp face hot weather.

However, this option is very reductive. That’s why we called on expert Betty Lingwood, who works at Ruffians Hair Salon, to give us some tips for keeping hair healthy even when the mercury is high.

Why does hair frizz in hot, humid weather?

“Hair gets frizzy in hot weather because excess moisture makes its way into the strands and binds to the proteins in them,” says Lingwood. People with curly hair tend to be more prone to frizz – hence the famous scene of friends Where is Monica in Barbados.”

If you’re familiar with the loop in question, you’ll be happy to know that Betty doesn’t recommend doing seashell braids to address this issue. “To avoid this effect, you will need a setting spray or matte clay. These products will create a barrier over the hair so that moisture cannot penetrate into it.”

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Do I accept a short haircut in the summer?

If, for obvious reasons, short hair in the summer is unlikely to give you heat and discomfort (it is not for nothing that hibernating animals have thick fur), then a short haircut is not necessarily the answer to your problems. “If you are in the habit of wearing a hat or hat, it may be best to keep your hair long,” advises Lingwood. Sometimes it is easier to arrange your hair in this case when there is more length. It’s even more interesting if you can see the hair sticking out from under the cap. Think Brad Pitt in the ’90s.

How do you change the way you wash your hair during a heat wave?

With increased sweating during the hot summer months, you may need to wash your hair daily to maintain basic hygiene. Although this may not always be the optimal solution for those prone to dry hair, maintaining a healthy scalp will be essential. “Scrub the roots without rubbing the ends,” says Lingwood. Just let the shampoo rinse through the ends when you wash it off.”

How do you dry your hair while it is hot?

If you tend to curl up, avoid using a hair dryer. “Unless you use it with a brush to straighten your hair,” Lingwood adds. If you’re used to it, it can work just fine, but it takes a lot more effort than many guys like to do.” After drying, apply a setting spray to get rid of the moisture.

What styling product to use to avoid oily hair in summer?

Using your regular product in moderation would be a really good start. Product is more likely to build up and make hair greasy when sweat is added to the mix. “The ideal is to use a product that absorbs grease, such as dry shampoo or hair powder like Ruffians. They usually come in small bottles, which means you can fit them in your pocket.”

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