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Long hair is in fashion for men! Yes, but now, to make your hair look like something, you have to choose a stylish hairstyle and take care of your hair.

So follow our advice to get a nice haircut and long shiny hair.

Maintaining your long hair is essential!

To take care of your appearance and your cut, it is best to do things in the right order. Guys who wear long hair know it all too well: it’s all about maintenance. From washing to styling, here are rituals you must follow to pamper your skin.

We wash our hair .. but correctly!

The number one mistake many men make is washing their hair…too often! Paradox, isn’t it? In fact, it is recommended to let the hair “breathe”. as such, Just shampoo every two days.

In fact, detergents dry out the ends of the hair over time. Moreover, it is also essential to make sure that you use the right products for your hair type to moisturize it well. If you’re hesitating between several shampoos, choose by vacuuming by reading the ingredients list.
Three families to avoid: silicones (recognizable by their ends), PEGs (ethoxyl compounds) and parabens. Some of these synthetic ingredients are harmful. Choose instead organic (branded) products, which significantly extend the “life” of long hair. We especially recommend Shea, which softens and cleanses the scalp.

When it’s time to shower, shampoo is enough. We massage the hair from the roots to stimulate the scalp (the application of conditioner is not necessary) Rinse well with cold waterTo add more shine.

finally, To dry, one gesture: wrap a towel around your head to slowly absorb the moisture in your hair. A hair dryer is obviously a faster solution, but you have to be careful not to use it too hot.

We use this article to give you some great advice from your grandmother: If you’re having trouble straightening your hair, dilute some vinegar with water and rinse it out.

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We don’t neglect the hairstyle

When you’re a man with long hair, you throw out the comb! It is preferable to use a soft brush: The bristles of the brush should be “spotted” and spaced apart.

It is important that you take the time to brush the hair from the back of the neck towards the forehead. This gesture nourishes the hair by distributing the scalp’s natural oils.

When The hair is too long Untangling becomes more difficult…and patience is your best ally. Each area should be gently brushed and using a clip can help make the task easier.

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5 modern hairstyles to be elegant with long hair

Terribly fashionable and far from the image of rockers, surfers and other misfits, long hair is now proudly worn and allows men to match many hairstyles, from the most classic to the most extravagant. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, tied, shaved, or just natural hair, fashion today presents many possibilities.

Hipster, chic or just a lover of long, unruly locks, discover our selection of five stylish and modern hairstyles suitable for all styles and all lengths.

1. Braids and dreadlocks

Hairstyle for men long hair braids

If you have to be prepared to look out of the ordinary, braids and Al-Majdal The door is open to a whole range of hairstyles from the wisest to the most original. Express your creativity with Cornroseway feed in Or be downright rebel with a Mohawk Bold as it is elegant.

Braided on the top of the head, your hair can be left loose at the back for a relatively classic look, or why not, you can gather it into a bun for a winning combination of elegance and style.

Add a touch of styling to your hairstyle by adopting a zigzag, crown, swirl or twists. You will definitely need to hire a professional to do them, but the result is well worth the effort!

Hairstyle man long hair dreadlocks

The dreadlocks As for them, they are probably the most amazing hairstyle of this choice, because they do not adapt to all personalities and situations, and above all, they are a long-term commitment. In fact, this hairstyle requires particularly careful maintenance to keep the hair healthy and clean (yes, that’s possible!) and looking chic if that’s what you want.

2. Long hair in a bun

man long hair bun hairstyle

Immortal and immortal, made famous by the samurai hair bun For several years it has become a real weapon of mass seduction. The cake man It is definitely one of the trendiest and most attractive hairstyles of the moment.

Infinitely adaptable, it fits all personalities and all outfits, from the most classic three-piece suit to simple denim shirts. An undeniable all-purpose hairstyle that is well known by women, the knot is extremely easy to achieve: hair Pulled back tied with an elastic bandIf you leave the ends loose or completely in control, you can adapt the height of your hairstyle to the length of your locks for a quick and elegant look, or more casually.

The secret to a successful man cake? Don’t pull your hair too much so you don’t damage it and don’t look too stiff. And if you want to have your hair on your shoulders, use a half bun, tying only the locks from the top of the head to the ears.

Less formal, a half bun is perfect for a romantic evening or with friends.

3. Horsetail

Long ponytail men's hairstyle

Should this be seen as another example of the old trend? In recent years, however, fashion has removed the dust from ponytails and offered men a quick, masculine hairstyle to achieve. Perfect for not embarrassing her with her long hair in your activities, the Horsetail Recommended for men who love efficiency and simplicity.

Ally every day, somehow ponytail Comprehensive hairdressing It’s perfect for men who don’t want to spend hours brushing their hair while still getting a clean, urban look.

But beware, quick and easy to prepare doesn’t mean bland! When combined with trim or decorated with a headband, the ponytail becomes modern and dynamic. A few minutes is enough to create a classic ponytail. Why not top it up with a drop of styling product for a glossy finish, a few rolls of elastic and you’re ready for a classy day.

Let a few strands escape to reduce the harsh effect of pulled-back hair!

4. Long Hairstyle

Men's hairstyle for long shortening long hair

Give your long hair a breath of fresh air with this haircut that is definitely one of the most stylish haircuts of the moment! A bold (and therefore risky) choice, will be known to underestimate Give a boost to your look It will not leave anyone indifferent.

Full of contrasts, this cut is perfectly in tune with the times and is guaranteed to make you Unique and toned style. Short on the side and long on the top, this cut is undoubtedly dynamic and offers multiple styling opportunities: loose hair for a casual look, in a bun or apex node for hot days.

Dare even for color, asymmetry, or Iroquois crest, the bottom cut is a Fully customizable cuttingWhich allows you to express your creativity. Unless you prefer a wiser, more formal version!

5. The slickback

Men's hairstyles for long hair slick back

A sleek back or sleek back is preferably done a bit and is easy to achieve on medium length hair and provides the perfect compromise between fashion and timelessness.

It can be worn with all styles, from the most formal to casual, giving your look a very elegant and modern look. Its strong point is thatAdapts to all body typesAll kinds of faces.

With a bit of gel or mousse for thicker or curly hair, you can slide your hair back or slightly to the side for a bold finish.

Quick to achieve, this cut is made for active men who desire it Style without wasting time. For a more luxurious soul, make a center parting for fine hair, or a side parting for thick or curly hair, adopt a lower color or even color with a few colorful streaks!

Whatever hairstyle or cut you want to adopt, it is important to keep in mind that it is It is essential that the hair is healthy so that you can style it as desired.

Long hair does not mean neglecting hair, quite the opposite! A regular cut, even if it is just a few centimeters, gives your locks a boost and allows them to grow while remaining beautiful and shiny. And Keep your hands light on hair styling products So as not to give a greasy look to your lengths!

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