Elizabeth Bourne, ‘Techno’ will play her survival role in Calvados

In Matignon’s Inferno and soon in the electoral arena. Emmanuel Macron appointed Elizabeth Bourne as prime minister on Monday evening. The former labor minister now has a few hours to form her government and tackle the first reforms, in particular implementing food screening in the context of rising inflation. But at the same time, it will have to fight the legislative elections scheduled for June 12 and 19. It presents a very serious challenge, especially since the old “techno” plays its part in this poll.

She is brave, she dares to take risks

It’s a tradition: As head of government, Elizabeth Bourne’s job is to gain a majority in the National Assembly. But those around him soon confirmed that the former governor also maintained her candidacy in the Sixth District of Calvados. “If I’ve been involved in Calvados, it’s because I have so many memories there, it’s my whole story, it’s my whole family, my whole childhood,” she said at the beginning of the month. The candidate reminded everyone who would listen that her grandfather was the mayor of Livarot, a local town, who was supposed to parachute out of any trial.

“When you love politics, you have a knack for facing the vote. In addition to her impressive skills and career, this approach further legitimizes her in her role as majority leader,” says Maud Pregon, En Marche spokesperson and candidate at Hauts-de-Seine. way, also to sweep the first attacks on his profile as a high-ranking official who never faced the vote of the electorate. Because Elizabeth Bourne has already considered running for municipal elections in 2020, in Caen, and then in the 2021 regional elections in Normandy. But without going to the end. This nomination distinguishes her favorably from the alleged opposition leader [Jean-Luc Mélenchon, pas candidat aux législatives] Who is dreaming of Matignon? I hear a lot of indifference from the opposition who intends to replace her in a month. But she dared to take a risk. “It’s a brave thing on his part,” says Sacha Houllier, the new deputy candidate from the LREM party in Vienna.

“There is on the one hand technology and people in the field on the other hand”

A “risky” bet because a personal defeat in June would undoubtedly put an end to his ambitions. In 2017, the Elysee announced that ministers who had been battered in their constituency should resign their posts. A rule already enacted in 2007 forced Alain Juppé to leave his position as No. 2 in the government after he lost a hair at the Bordeaux Circus. In opposition, we dream of subjecting the macaroni to the same fate. “Elizabeth Bourne epitomizes Emmanuel Macron’s worst anti-social reforms: the gradual privatization of the RATP, SNCF reform, climate inaction and terrible unemployment insurance. So we want to retire in June, so that her term is as short as possible,” says Noe Guchard. Candidate Nupes (New Popular, Economic and Social Union), a 22-year-old student and environmental activist, finds himself pushed to the front lines in the left’s battle against Emmanuel Macron. “It doesn’t change anything about the substance of our campaign, but this election is now a symbol for the people of our constituency,” he adds, while Jean-Luc Mélenchon received just 18% of the vote there last April. .

Accustomed to ministerial offices and large corporations, Elizabeth Bourne will have to fight as close as possible to the citizens. “There is no one on the techno side and on the other hand people on Earth, one would love to have their hands greased and also the taste of the Earth,” sweeps Maud Pregon. This is her case, a registered and activist woman. I saw her during the campaign, she has very easy communication with people, she is a simple and friendly woman. It is a field technique,” ​​the speaker laughs. In a good “techno”, the candidate did not choose the most difficult battlefields. Five years ago, in the sixth session of Calvados, former LREM MP Alain Tourette handily won the second round against FN candidate Jean-Philippe Roy, With more than 68% of the vote.

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