At the age of sixty-six she surrenders to her platinum blonde hair… Bye to black hair, with this color she is sexy and charming

Sumptuous Isabelle Adjani. Portrayed by Jan Walters, the actress presents a stunning series of photos in the latest issue of Cannes Special ELLE. The one who’s always stood out with her jet-black hair is the sensation of a platinum blonde shade. Shortened and styled in an old curly blowdry, the lengths unfold in a very light tone. Isabelle Adjani appears in polar and luminous color. The actress keeps her eyebrows dark while her azure look is outlined in black while being framed by soft domed bangs. Contrasting details stand out when combined with peroxide coloring. Isabelle Adjani was immortalized with a glass of champagne in her hand and a rain of diamonds just for her outfit.

With this classic look, Isabelle Adjani is bold, charming and sexy. authentic” A nod to Bert Stern’s unforgettable cult portrayal »» These famous selfies bring Marilyn Monroe to life. In fact, in 1962 Norma Jeane Mortenson (her real name) agreed to be taken by Burt Stern for the American edition of the magazine. Vogue magazine. During three sessions, spanning over three days, the photographer took 2,700 photos of the Hollywood star. Nobody doubts that it could be.” last shooting She later died without seeing the published photos.

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An allegory story

in columns sheIsabelle Adjani claims to be A fond admirer of Marilyn Monroe. » On stage this summer in Marlin Circle Olivier Steiner, she bears” dream dialogue With the late actress. On stage, her character enhanced in a signed long black dress DiorReplica of the piece Marilyn Monroe wore to the occasion of the famous 1962 shooting by Bert Stern.
It is a unique bond that connects the two women.
Isabelle Adjani looks back at a photoshoot shot under Richard Avedon’s eye for the magazine selfishness. The photographer is lying on his shoulders Marilyn’s sheepskin jacket in which she was photographed The actress trusts on this topic: It was my first physical and mystical contact with her, almost skin to skin “.

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