A woman can’t stop crying after seeing her new $300 haircut

A woman posted a video of herself crying after leaving a hair salon. She claims she spent $300 on the date and felt like she looked like Karen.

Netizens recently enjoyed a viral video on TikTok, which appeared Tweet embed. This woman presents herself as a “tattooed actress” and her humor has been viewed millions of times on the internet.

Her new, expensive hairstyle wasn’t quite what she imagined when she sat in the salon chair. And like many people, she walked away with a look she wasn’t happy with.

“Let me talk to your manager.”

In her video, titled “It’s Mrs. Pumpkin for You, Ma’am,” the emotional red-haired TikTokeuse expressed herself: “I just paid $300 to look like Karen. Looks like I’m part of the Student Parent Association. I swear I don’t drive Mini bus “.

tiktoker also shared a video giving more details of the story and explaining what happened when she got back to the salon.

While she was crying, she tried to kiss her new haircut. She looked into the camera and said, “Okay, let’s practice saying ‘Let me talk to your manager.'” Then, she burst out again in a mixture of tears and laughter.

She still gives them advice

In the comments to the video, TikTokeuse revealed that she’s still tipping her hairstylist at 20% for a reason! She has been entertained by several users, one of whom even gave her a funny compliment, calling her “Kind Karen”.

Many people have also shared their experiences with hair, and one netizen said:

“I was there! I cut 8 inches without wanting it and the hairstylist kept cutting, I was in tears.”

Refund is refused

Users were curious as to what style she was actually looking for when she went to the hairdresser. In a video, she showed netizens some photos that initially inspired her.

TikTokeuse also shared another video, providing additional details of the story and explaining what happened when she returned to the living room. She explained to netizens that she had not been compensated despite her complaints and dissatisfaction.

Revisit the show

Few people like Karen’s hairstyle. One user wrote: “It’s classy. It’s French.” Another suggested several ways to arrange a hairstyle. The user asked her to “make curls or dye their hair”.

Netizens have also encouraged her to do a bold pixie cut or shave the whole thing off. However, none of this was necessary. Fortunately, when she got back to the salon, her hairstylist made some helpful changes. She is now feeling much better with her haircut.

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