5 changes you feel after quitting smoking

If smoking is harmful to health, we notice profound changes once we stop smoking. It is good for our health and morale. Here are five.

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Smoking greatly increases the risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer. But let’s not forget the disastrous effects of tobacco on the skin, hair, breathing, or even taste. Have you decided to quit smoking to take care of your health, body and mind? Here are five changes you feel after you quit smoking.

improve breathing

When you are a smoker, you breathe easier after putting in the slightest effort. There is a huge advantage that must be emphasized to all those who would have decided on itQuit smoking with e-cigarettes for example. Six hours after the last cigarette, the body begins to get rid of the carbon monoxide contained in the tobacco. Good news when you know that this substance prevents the body from oxygenating properly.

With the cessation of cigarette smoking, the fibers of the bronchial cleaning system begin to grow again. This allows you to find the breath you need to get it fresh every day or do an exercise.

return of taste

We don’t always realize it when we’re smokers, but tobacco affects our taste buds and the way we perceive sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. Cigarettes cause inflammation that alters the sense of taste. Quitting smoking allows our taste buds to regenerate and appreciate what we are eating again. In addition, the effects appear after only a few days!

better mine

Smokers are often seen with gray skin. But it doesn’t stop there, heavy smokers also have big pockets under eyesAnd deep wrinkles, not to mention the pimples that appear day after day. Only a few days later Quit Smoking, we see a clear progression and find a better mine. It is more evident after a few weeks. Quitting smoking also reduces the risk of developing skin diseases.

More silky and less faded hair

Cigarette damages the keratin of the hair as well as the keratin in the hair and nails. It is often noticed that smokers have dull and brittle hair. Even worse, heavy smokers may experience significant hair loss. Within a few weeks after the final quitting smoking, former smokers find their hair brighter and thicker.

The fact that keratin does not harm is also present in nails It also allows you to find more beautiful, less yellow and more resistant nails.

Lungs regeneration

The lungs are one of the organs that suffer the most from tobacco consumption. Tar that settles on the lungs eventually causes cancer. It takes a person who smokes for two years six months to find new lungs, and five to 20 years for a person who smokes for a decade.

The good news is that quitting smoking allows the lungs to regenerate. It also allows the cardiovascular system to function again, generally after three years.

In conclusion, quitting smoking is essential to restore good health, but also morale! Because the noticeable face and skin or even dull and brittle hair also affects the psyche of smokers.

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