These infallible tips for beautiful shiny hair for summer 2022!

Having shiny hair is definitely the dream of many. Find out in this article our tips to make it happen!

Lustrous hair is usually synonymous with healthy hair. This is what most people are looking for. However, few people have the time or professional knowledge to achieve such a result!

In fact, there are many gestures and habits to follow in order to have a smooth, touchable scalp. Hence the purpose of this article you are reading! Without further ado, here are the quickest and most convenient ways. We reveal all the details in the following lines!

How do you have shiny hair?

Know first that every strand of your scalp Covered with small shingles that acts as an outer layer. When this dries, for example from heat styling or wet weather, the ends of these boards stand up. As a result, you will not have shiny hair! To get shiny hair, it is essential to make sure that these shingles are closed. Once the scalp’s skin has “opened” due to damage, it can lose the moisture that makes it look more vibrant.

We give you more explanations in the following paragraphs! clarify shampoo Designed to remove product buildup. Also, know that hair products that haven’t been washed out completely can clog the pores on your scalp. As a result, this will prevent the penetration of the seborrhea remedy. In fact, it is the basic element that will allow you to have shiny hair.

To allow you to have shiny hair, it is recommended to rinse it White vinegar. In fact, it is a convenient method that requires a little effort from you. Know that this ingredient has many properties that will contribute to brightening your scalp.

In addition, you can also prepare your own hair care product! And for this, it is always better to use natural ingredients. And for this shiny hair trick, we suggest a mask Coconut oil base. Also, remember to rinse well after each application. It is always best to leave your hair fibers natural! This will allow them to feed themselves fully.

These details to take into account!

To repair and moisturize the hair from the outside in, it is necessary to use a Light Argan Oil To bring in plenty of shine without being greasy or heavy. A small amount on wet ends is very effective. And remember, one to three pumps is sufficient. To maximize the effect of “shiny hair”, it is best to shine your locks with a blow-dry!

Remember that it is not only the device that is important, but also how you use it. Make sure to place the hair dryer a few inches from your head to limit heat damage. Simply put, it is best to dry yourself from roots to ends. This will allow you to have beautiful shiny hair.

When it comes to heat styling, you already know that protecting your hair fiber is essential. But what you probably don’t know is that pollution and UV rays also damage them. It also doesn’t mean you can’t use a hair dryer. We recommend you just apply a little lemon juice to get shiny hair.

Moreover, natural ingredients should always be preferred if your goal is to have shiny hair. To do so, the combination of Castor oil and olive oil It will be beneficial for our hair. For best results, it is best to perform a series of circular motions while massaging during application. Finally, just rinse it well with cold water.

Shiny hair: What foods should you include in your meals?

Know that certain nutrients have been shown to improve the health of the hair fibre. Like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids! Basically, our body needs it to produce shiny hair from the inside out. So stock up on fish, like mackerel and sardines.

Don’t like seafood? Consider taking fish oil capsules. In addition, there are other foods rich in omega. To name a few, there are, for example, nuts, flaxseeds (and oil), avocados, and tofu. All this will allow you to get beautiful shiny hair.

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