Tea tree essential oil and hair care

L ‘tea tree essential oil, also called the tea tree, has many everyday benefits. In fact we can also use it in our beauty kit as well as in health. Find out why.

What are the main properties of tea tree essential oil? Tea tree essential oil is primarily known for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore it is a very effective purifying product in treating various conditions such as acne, oily skin, oral infections, parasites, etc.

It is an essential product in the home, as it greatly helps in the fight against many everyday diseases. In the field of hair, it is especially recommended to treat problems with oily hair, scalp irritation, dandruff and even lice:tea tree essential oil Purifies and cleanses the scalp.

How to choose and use tea tree essential oil in hair care?

It is very important to choose your essential oils carefully: differences in quality can be very significant from one brand to another. The plants from which the oil comes, the way it is extracted and packaged, are all information that must be taken into account to choose the right type. tea tree essential oil. Absolutely prefer essential oils from organic farming: plant extracts are very concentrated products, so if you choose them from conventional farming, pesticides may also be present in higher concentrations.

Finally, because essential oils are very powerful products, never apply them pure in large quantities. tea tree essential oil He doesn’t care much about the care of hair lengths, when applied to the skull it takes on its full meaning: since it crosses the skin barrier quickly, you must dilute it completely in another product before using it. hair care.

Some hair care recipes based on tea tree essential oil

The easiest way to take advantage of the features tea tree essential oil In hair care, it is simply to add a drop or two to your usual shampoo: thus you will benefit from its purifying and purifying properties to fight long-term problems with dandruff, oily or irritated scalp. This method is completely natural and does not attack your scalp like most shampoos for oily hair.

For greater effectiveness, you can also use it as a hair mask: mix a few drops of this essential oil in two tablespoons of jojoba oil, known for its sebum-regulating properties. For greater efficiency, you can mix it with lavender essential oil. Massage your skull well with the mixture, leave it for about an hour and continue using your usual shampoo, concentrating on the rinsing step.

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