Here is the perfect short hairstyle to adopt according to your face shape

To sublimate her face, why not go for a short haircut? Whether it’s a pixie cut or a plunging bob, switching up your head can add a touch of modernity that brings glam and elegance to your look. Only, it is important to adapt this change to the shape of his face.

To accentuate your look or conversely soften your features, adopting short hair is always very fashionable. Discover the cut that best suits you and how to wear it.

Any short haircut you choose according to the shape of your face?

If you dread going for a short haircut because you think it could be a hair disaster, think again. And for good reason, each face shape can be adapted to a specific scissor stroke to create a different look that matches your personality. This change of look can also be perfect with the arrival of spring or summer that breathes a breath of fresh air for the new season. It also gives a more relaxed look But also more feminine. If you’ve never before dared push the hairdresser’s door for this change, rest assured, your haircut has many advantages. Among them, spending less time maintaining and styling your hair. Moreover, the stadium is rejuvenating and suitable for all ages and occasions.

new haircut

New Cut – Source: spm

Choose a scissor cut to make a cut thanks to the detective’s advice!

If many women do not dare to choose such scissors, especially when they have long hair, it is because they imagine that they do not have the correct face shape for a short haircut. If you want to rest assured, you can seek advice from a hairdresser who can advise you on a possible way to cut it. And for good reason, there are many types of shorts, such as the sunken and boyish square and the decadent or long square. This professional will know how to play with sizes to help you make the transition smoothly. That is why it is recommended to choose a hairdresser that you trust with whom you trust I will explain to you step by stepThe Final application steps, which will also live up to your expectations. Thus, he will take your face shape into account for a drastic change in appearance that will improve your assets. You can also seek advice from those who have chosen the shortcut to recommend a salon who has perfected this type of cut. This at-home adoption method will let you know what works best for you.

boyish pieces

Boyish Cut – Source: spm

What pieces can refine a round face?

If you have a round face, then there is no doubt in choosing very short haircuts. It is recommended to play with engravings and choose locks that are tapered or dented. A sinking square can frame the face and You can design it according to your mood. Soft, wavy or curly volume is perfect for this face shape.

Cut gives volume

Cut to give the right size for round faces – Source: spm

An oval face makes way for a short haircut

If your face is oval, you can satisfy all the madness in matters of hair. You can choose any type of short haircuts and style them as per your desires. You can choose the unequal lengths that will give you Resolutely pioneering modern air. Boys can also enhance your features and be perfect for all occasions. Wear it again with volume and hairspray or shave clean to accentuate your feminine features.

asymmetric cut

Asymmetric cut for oval face – Source: spm

The square face is ideal for a cut that gives primacy to camouflage

If your jaw line is angular, a square cut is ideal for softening your features and bringing harmony to your face. To do this, the hairdresser can play with different fringes and patterns on the skull to provide smoothness to the lines of your face. The boy is not recommended as it can lead to severity of the latter. The parting on the right or left will provide the elegance that a short haircut can bring.. A parting in the middle can add modernity to your face. A short or sunken square will soften the bottom of the latter. Fashionable options that you can surrender to by asking the advice of your hairdresser.

Cut with bangs

Cut with bangs – Source: spm

You will understand that the shape of your face is crucial in choosing the haircut you choose from your hairdresser. It will fill in facial features while enhancing your femininity!

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