Female Prime Minister, “no event”, except in France

“Short gray hair, blue eyes, serious and mischievous appearance”. Elisabeth Borne was appointed French prime minister on Monday evening, succeeding Jean Castex, the Brussels business daily reported echo. After prolonging the suspense for so long, Emmanuel Macron did “Choose allegiance and expertise profiles by naming this woman who has been close to him since his presidential inception.”

Previous Cabinet Minister of Labor, Elizabeth Bourne previously held the positions of Minister for Environmental Transition (2019) and Minister of Transport (2017).

technocrats, “A pure product of republican merit”it meets most of the criteria set by Macron, the Spanish newspaper notes El País. “The first criterion, which should not be an event in 2022, but not in France: Elizabeth Bourne is a woman.” None of them have been at the head of the government since Edith Cresson, appointed by François Mitterrand in 1991. “No one is surprised that Elizabeth Bourne mentioned her predecessor during the transition of power with Jean Castix in Matignon. I would like to dedicate this nomination to all the young girls, and say to them ‘Pursue Your Dreams’, Added a new prime minister.

Risky bet

As Macron seeks to attract center-left votes to the legislative elections, Elizabeth Bourne was chosen for her connection to socialism, her ability to work and because she is a woman, believes John Litchfield on the site. the local. What tempts voters sensitive to the issue of gender equality.

In 1991, the first prime minister lasted only ten months, “The victim of many pests, especially the jealousy of his fellow male socialists.” But times have changed, and for the British reporter, Being a woman probably wouldn’t be Elizabeth Bourne’s biggest problem..

It is above all his lack of experience and “gravity” – The reasons why Macron hesitated for a long time with profiles such as Audrey Azoulay, Marisol Touraine and Catherine Vautrin – which made her ‘A risky bet’Judge Litchfield. Elizabeth Bourne already has a construction site ahead of her, starting with the legislative election battle on June 12 and 19.

to the timeAnd This date is no less ‘Colossal symbolic significance’.

“France remains particularly behind in parity at the highest level in the country, while being considered progressive in the world of work compared to other countries in Europe.”

Things change in the election – three presidential runoffs are equal – and parity in government is “Checked at every redesign.. However, this quota policy is still necessary, especially at the highest level. “Proof of this is the absence of women in Matignon for years despite the multiplicity of profiles whose competence is indisputable in terms of the merits of the files.”

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