8 travel grooming kits to take with you everywhere

As we head into the long weekends in May and the summer holidays already looming, a selection of the best travel boxes to slip into your bag without overburdening your toiletry bag.

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For face and body


A smart box that combines all the summer essentials of the French brand, namely the refreshing moisturizing cream, micellar water with rose, washing gel for face and body, hand cream and finally the wonderful essential oil.

Nuxe – Travel Kit

13.90 €

Nuxe via Nocibe.fr

Fenty beauty

Inspired by the beauty routine of Rihanna, the brand’s creator, in this travel set we find a makeup remover infused with Barbadian cherry and coconut, a blemish-reducing serum and a pore-tightening serum and a moisturizer — in a rechargeable format — that includes, as a bonus, sunscreen.

Fenty Beauty – Travel Starter Set

36 EUR

Fenty Beauty via Sephora.fr


All your summer essentials are packed into this sun-colored box. Either micellar water, a scrub enriched with sweet almond extracts, moisturizing creamy milk and SPF50 sunscreen.

Payot – Travel Kit for Face & Body Essentials

26 EUR

Payot via Sephora.fr


Comprising an ultra-lightweight liquid face wash, exfoliating lotion, and moisturizer, this set promises radiant, supple skin all holiday season.

Clinique – Essential Time Start Kit 3


Clinic via Nocibe.fr

Mario Badescu

Whoever says sun exposure, says the return of small skin blemishes. This box of dried lotion and face spray is formulated with aloe vera and rose water, and is the perfect solution to creating clear skin.

Mario Badescu – Travel Size Grooming Set, Let’s Go

25 EUR

Mario Badescu via Sephora.fr


Pioneering in zero-waste care, this Respire range contains both the solid products (shampoo and soap) that made the French brand famous, but also a moisturizing gel-cream containing up to 98% of the original ingredients. Natural and green tea deodorant keeps you fresh all day long.

Respire Weekend Body Grooming Set

26 EUR

Breathe via Sephora.fr


Scented with a monochromatic scent, this collection is a true ode to the summer season. It contains a shower gel, a nourishing dry oil that softens the skin after returning from the beach, and a body mist – also sprayed on hair – with refreshing properties.

Sephora Collection Summer Bath Bag

for hair

Leonor Grill

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