Why and how do you take care of your eyelashes on a daily basis?

Eyelashes are microfibers of elliptical geometry, averaging 80 microns in diameter, at the base to 5 microns at the tip of the eyelashes. my turn? Protect eyes from small particles such as dust, sand or debris And a warning of potential danger when the object is too close to the eye.

Its composition is close to that of hair: mainly keratin, with a shorter life cycle (300 days). But we take care of it much less than we do our hair. At home or at the institute, we bring you the right things you can do daily or occasional to keep your eyelashes healthy.

We choose the caring mascara

The new natural, and even organic, mascara contains ingredients that reduce the weakening of eyelashes. Exit paraffin, synthetic polymers and silicone. It is the moisturizing glycerin or waxes and nourishing vegetable oils that ensure smoothness and softness with the benefits of skin care. The best : Choose a mascara formula that contains natural lipids, such as fortifying castor oil, sweet almond oil, or shea butter. Some references contain the antioxidant vitamin E, the pro-growth vitamin B6 or biotin, the anti-hair loss peptides.

Gently remove eye make-up

Makeup removal is the number one enemy of eyelashes. As evidence of the number of eyelashes that remained on the cotton .. the right gesture? Massage makeup remover oil into fingertips to dissolve makeup and then rinse with lukewarm water, or soak two cotton pads in the biphasic solution, and let sit for 5 seconds before gently pulling it out and up. Care must be taken to remove dust and particles that have accumulated near the eyelashes because this is exactly what suffocates the bulb and makes the hair softer and more brittle.

Apply castor oil for prevention

with age, The number and thickness of eyelashes tends to decrease. To slow down this phenomenon, it is advised to adopt a simple and effective long-term routine by applying a few drops of organic castor oil every evening using a brush or cotton swab and then massaging the eyelashes. Rich in Omega 6 and 9, this oil nourishes and coats the eyelashes.

If an eyelash falls out, we perform a re-strengthening treatment

The fringe lacks thickness, the eyelashes fall out a lot … Now it’s time to adopt a special treatment for eyelashes based on amino acids that will re-establish the hair structure. It works if you’re diligent: one application morning and evening for three months. Not more than 3 times a year, with the risk of accustoming the eyelashes to this re-enhancing treatment.

Between two eyelash extensions, treat yourself to a deep salon treatment

Fans of eyelash extensions know that once the wahoo effect wears off, eyelashes weaken considerably. Even worse, we sometimes notice eyelash lice infestation at the root. To avoid this, removal should be done by an expert in the cabin to remove any glue residue and thoroughly clean the lash line. Then we apply a nourishing and moisturizing treatment to revive growth. Like the aloe vera treatment from Un Jour unspecial (85 euros) or the nourishing nutrition treatment by ER at See My Cosmetics (190 euros).

Thank you Annie Black Lancome International Scientific Director, and Sabrina Eleonore, founder of the Un Jour Institutes.

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