Transphobia: “Aggression comes from the prejudices we can have about people”

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According to numerous surveys, in 2021, 375 transgender people were killed, people whose gender identity did not match the gender assigned to them at birth, all over the world, 96% of whom were women. In France, in the first quarter of 2021, 1968 physical attacks were recorded. Verbal attacks are endless. Testimonials – Recommendations.

Blond hair, pretty features and butterfly-rim glasses, Diane Lerich is a transgender woman. She identifies herself as an activist and feminist, because her transphobia is contained in the word “transgender”.

Aggression comes from the prejudices we may have towards people. The trans person is necessarily a sexual thing, it is necessarily the object of fantasies, it is a sexual perversion... Dianne describes Rich. perverted creature It is also part of the vocabulary. When a transgender woman hasn’t changed her marital status, words hurt.

When you get to an ophthalmologist in a large office, you present your social security card, you have not yet changed your marital status and it is called “sir” while in the sexual expression we can see that you are a woman, you are the “go down” (Public disclosure by a third party of a person’s sexuality or birth gender, without their prior consent, editor’s note) In front of everyone, all for the sake of a history of documents Diane Lerich laments.

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Fear of transgender cunning

Anyone who feels like a woman but was born into a boy’s body can begin the transition process with the help of hormone therapy in the first place. Soft face with eyes, light makeup, shy smile Daisy Letournor, 40, presents herself in a spring dress, is an activist In the “All Women” group. According to her, transphobia can be insidious.

Ça se retrouve dans plein d’expériences où on doit effectivement, au niveau administratif, justifier de qui on est, des médecins qui, ne connaissant pas les personnes trans, vont poser des questions très personnelles, parler de not qureon alors transition The common cold. There are thousands of things, big and small, that happen and fall under transphobia on a daily basis in our experiences. »

Discrimination is also present in the workplace, which is what Daisy Letournor experienced. ” It could be for exampleWe’ll put you in the closet so you don’t show yourself to customersor tell usWell, with us you can be a woman, but in front of the audience, you are still a man. “ »

When transphobia comes from loved ones

Diane Leach asserts that transphobia is felt in a cruel way as it affects loved ones. ” I only have one brother who is still incomprehensible, and depending on the situation, he will classify me as a man. He will do it on purpose. I appreciate him so much, I even love him, but I avoid calling him because it hurts me. He’s denying my existence, and I’m in the depths of my soul ‘” Diane insists to Rich. Daisy Letournor lowers her eyes, and what hurts her most is the rejection of a very dear friend. It just happened without a word. Stop answering my calls, my messages. It stays in the throat… “, Let’s go.

Associations also denounce transphobia, even if there is progress, changing marital status is still very complex, transgender people must justify themselves before a judge. After the decline of 2020 in the context of a health crisis, complaints or crimes and misdemeanors increased by 28% in 2021, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

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