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Disruptive Beauté, Paloma Elsesser, Kate Grant…three pillars of inclusive fashion Image: Instagram screenshotdisruptive_beaute

A few years ago, who would have imagined that a girl with alopecia, another with an XXL and a third with Down syndrome would set the fashion world on fire? However, it is the miracle of this new mass trend that is pushing its nose to perfection to see beauty everywhere.

Anna aka the disruptive beauty, is a role model

12 years ago, when she was 24, Anna started losing her hair. Doctors soon diagnosed an autoimmune disease, alopecia universalis, which causes complete hair loss. For Anna, the blow was hard and hard to bear. After trying every possible treatment and every scarf and wig imaginable, she decided to live with her difference. In 2018, she created the Instagram account Disruptive Beauté. She explains her illness, but above all her presentation she feels good. Beauty lessons and fashion photos show her with or without a wig, with or without makeup. Her fight has become the battle of all women who do not fit into the boxes imposed by society. Looking at the photos of this unparalleled influencer learns to let go of her complexes and live with her idiosyncrasies.

Paloma Elsacer, XXL class

Paloma Elsizer, 32, is one of the most prominent supermodels in the fashion world. Born in 1992 to an African American mother and a Swiss-Chilean father, Paloma wanted to become a psychiatrist. Her generous shapes don’t seem to be able to compete with the slender models we’re used to seeing on catwalks. But Instagram and social networks bothered the icons.

The girl’s unique face was first noticed by star makeup artist Pat McGrath. For Paloma, it is the beginning of glory and the end of studies. After her first pictures of Nike and the Rihanna brand, she became the darling of all designers. In just a few years, the American supermodel has become a fashion week staple. Named the 2020 Model of the Year by Models.com, Paloma has already seen a cover dedication

Vogue magazine

American. Realized to represent a variety of body and skin tones, the T-shirt top also cultivates her Instagram image. She shares with her 513,000 subscribers her super sexy looks and distinct flair.

Kate Grant, the difference is beautiful

What would have been unimaginable a few years ago, Kate Grant did. Suffering from Down Syndrome (or Trisomy 21), in 2019 she became the face of cosmetics brand Benefit. The 22-year-old Irish girl has 43,600 followers on Instagram and a slogan she shares with her fans: “Different is beautiful.” In 2018, she was already the first young woman with Down syndrome to win the “Teen Ultimate Beauty of the World” international beauty contest. Since childhood, Kate dreamed of being a model. Her joy of living and her own beauty did the rest. In an interview with


“Kate wants to raise awareness in society for the inclusion of people with disabilities, it’s a battle she’s always fought,” her mother said.

The one-stop brands that make a difference

Inclusivity is one of the main trends of 2022 thanks to Generation Z, which is always demanding more. A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom and the United States of 4,000 young adults gave inclusion relief to Nike, Asos and Old Navy. According to this study by Unidays, 45% of young people would like brands to highlight non-gender clothing ranges. On the brand side, newcomers are riding the trend. Isolated Heroes is a Scottish brand that aims to make everyone feel good about themselves, regardless of gender, curves and size. The Wildfang brand wants to celebrate masculinity, femininity and everything in between in all of us. On the adult side, Tommy Hilfiger did not hesitate to launch a campaign with models with disabilities. The holistic lingerie brand signed by Rihanna Pampers for all body types. At Gucci, we chose a model with trisomy 21 as inspiration. If inclusivity is in fashion, it’s a safe bet that it will quickly become a fact of society.

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