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Made famous by Coco Chanel and updated by Audrey Tautou, Michelle Williams or Emma Watson, the acronym is trendier than ever. So it was decided, on the next appointment, to ask our hairstylist for a short haircut.

From long hair to short hair, a smooth transition

The coolness of the scissors is reassuring: the short square allows for a gentle start of the change. Then resume the meeting when you feel ready to move on. As you progress, cut more and more to achieve the desired result and length.

If our hair is curly, we opt for a bouncy cut that’s short and full of volume, which will set naturally without much effort in styling. You should try the slightly wavy and slightly retro short haircut.

To give volume and movement to our short cut, prefer a side-lock, less drastic than bangs, straight and tighter. We can choose to sweep it over the entire forehead or simply give a dynamic movement to our hairstyle by leaving it very light, on the side. However, if you want a fringe, you can cut it so that it is tapered, to soften the face.

Short hair: opt for natural coloring for added comfort

Brushing wisely, or a blurry build, our hairstyle matches our personality: straight and sleek for a feminine killer effect, asymmetric and curly for a rock effect, or tapered and subtle for a romantic effect.

In terms of coloring, we bet on nature, but it is radiant naturalness, playing on contrasts.

For short cuts, we recommend playing on glitter with sweeping games to give depth to the score,” explains Fabian.

Brown looks shimmering, blondes are platinum, and reds are glowing.

What short haircut made me?

The “centimeter rule”, developed by hairstylist John Frieda, will tell you if you can claim a short haircut. To do this, place a pencil horizontally under your chin and a ruler vertically under your ear. Take the measurement from the intersection of the pencil and ruler. If the measurement is less than 6cm, you can afford the shortcut.

Credit: John Frieda

Also consider your hair type to choose a model for a short haircut:

  • You have curly hair: Opt for a short, round cut that’s full of volume.
  • You have fine hair: Avoid short tapered haircuts to maintain volume.
  • You have thick hair: shave the hair from the sides and make it longer at the top of the head.

How do you design a short haircut?

The short goes well with a wick on the side, less drastic than the bangs, to give it volume and movement. You can choose to have it sweep your forehead or simply give a dynamic movement to your hairstyle by leaving it very light on the side.

On the brushing side, choose the setting wise or the fuzziest structure. The help of styling and texturizing products will also be invaluable to tame any breakouts and shape your hairstyle on short hair.

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