Photo by Laetitia Hallyday: At 46, she radically changed her hairstyle and it was hot

A new haircut for a new life! Leticia Hallyday switches up her lengths with a super chic cut… Supporting photo!

These last years are synonymous with turmoil and changes in Leticia Hallyday. One of the latest? Sell ​​your home with Johnny Hallyday At Marnes-La-Coquette, in which the singer breathed his last in 2017. According to information from the magazine closerthe famous family business located in Hauts-de-Seine has already found a taker for a sum 10 million euros (Instead of the initially planned 15 million.) It might have been related to this decision-making process, but Leticia Hallyday was the slam dunk Radically changing haircut. The house in Marnes not only said goodbye to Coquette, but also said goodbye for its lengths. Actually, Jade’s mother and fun He opted for the cut that’s been on the rise for several seasons already. We reveal the result!

Leticia Hallyday loves the short square, the trendiest haircut right now

Coco Chanel He said : “A woman who cuts her hair is a woman who is about to change her life.”. It appears that this has been confirmed with Leticia Hallyday ! If you’re like us, you’d see it with Long hair and thick locksthen with long squareSometimes it’s smooth, sometimes it’s wavy, I know those periods are gone now.

Actually, Jade and Joy’s mother I decided to cut everything. Don’t worry, she didn’t go so far as to dare to wear a boyish story! But it still appears short squareHassan over the shoulders. Her hair, fine, is still there but more discreet, and her blonde is in great shape! And you know what? in 46blows this poetic change, Leticia Hallyday A breath of fresh air that suits her to please her.


Short square: for whom and how to wear it well?

The short square It’s been super popular for several seasons already, and it’s not for nothing! very Classy and elegantshe is no less determined modern and newProvided you choose it well. As a rule, the short square reaches just below the ears, and at the maximum, at the level of jaw.

So it is perfect for all those who have Instead of an oval face and angular and tend to get frustrated For all those who have rather a very round face (Especially if short square Associated with fringe!). In this case, it is better to choose for a long boxwhich will perfectly accentuate their child’s face.

short square perfect too soft and smooth hair : This is why it is adopted so often past 40 yearsLike Leticia HallydayWhen the hair fibers tend to lose a little bit of density. To twist it and give it a completely different look, nothing could be easier: Make a slight waveComb curls to loosen them. You will get then disheveled lookThe California surfing spirit, which we adore above all else in a short box !

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