Opening the door to a movie about Viktor Segalen

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The cast is open to finding major and minor characters for a film inspired by a moment in writer Victor Segalen’s life. Polynesian men, women and children, especially Marquesan or the capital, can mail their applications to [email protected] To fix the meeting. Filming will take place in August in Tahiti and Moorea.

Casting Tahiti is being recruited for the film to be shot from August between Tahiti and Moorea. The main role is already taken, Victor Segalen will be played by a European actor. Cautions about casting Tahiti. All other roles have yet to be filled. The script was written by Hugo da Silva, the Portuguese director who had been preparing it for two years. The required features are varied: a typical old man from Tahiti, skinny; An Asian male between the ages of 30 and 45 years old; half Polynesian red-haired woman; and various other features, Polynesian, Marquisian or urban men, women and children.

“Discovering the Marquesas Islands” and “Meeting Paul Gauguin”

As Stephanie McKenna explains, the film is inspired by a moment in Victor Segalen’s life. He was then a physician in the Navy and was invited to come to Polynesia for the first time in his life, to retrieve the belongings of Paul Gauguin, who had died a few months earlier. “Victor Segalen will discover his art, and he will meet people who love him, with whom they have exchanged a lot and in a rather profound way.” Stephanie McKenna explains. ” He will discover his writing, and as a writer, he will move it. It is a very beautiful text, written with great skill, describing Victor Segalen’s impressions of his discovery of the Marquis, as well as his encounter with the character and artist Paul Gauguin. »

It is not necessary to have cinematic experience, but to submit an application, you must submit a personal and full-length photograph, your first and last name, your date of birth and place of residence, as well as your activity by e-mail, to the address [email protected].

Acting for a short film by Heiremu Pinson

Casting film Tahiti is also looking for Polynesians between the ages of 18 and 23 to play in a short film directed by Heimo Benson. After working in the film industry in France as an assistant director, he returned to Polynesia where he grew up for his first production. Stephanie McKenna explains the short film “A Contemporary Portrait of Some Young Polynesian Students”. We are looking for a young Polynesian man and woman to play the main character, but also other people for secondary characters.

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