Marilyn Monroe was told by her boyfriend, poet Norman Rustin

The next August 4th will celebrate the 60thAnd death anniversary, at 36, from Marilyn Monroe. And the really big words – were” matrix star ‘, dropped Isabelle Adjani on TV—and scoops: ‘The Paris Match’ was to be determined, by the hair of her biological father Norma Jean,’ very handsome man Read instead, American poet and novelist Norman Rustin (1913-1995), “Marilyn, Shadow and Light” (Seghers, 16 euros). This little book, as delicate as a watercolor, a marvel of simplicity and a model of honesty, contains neither pompous qualities nor glamorous allusions. And its author, who has nevertheless been Marilyn’s vigilant friend for the last seven years of her short life, has never improved.

“A swimming body has no age or weight”: Chantal Thomas dives

The first time he saw her, she had no makeup on and her hair was wet. To her and the photographer who accompanied her in the rain, he and his wife offered this temporary shelter in their New York apartment. When he saw her at the top of the stairs, he thought she looked like “A pretty student goes for a run.” The “River of No Return” actress was a little: then she took lessons at the Actors Studio.

sequel after the announcement

“Let’s try to live before we start getting old!” »

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After that, there were parties, weekends, vacations, cooking and washing together. life what. Marilyn Looks like he’s part of the family She read Norman’s poems with affection and sent her poems. Convincing him she was dying to be a mother, he ran to the hospital where she was taken after an abortion or attempted suicide. Men were passing by, and here Arthur Miller and Yves Montand were left alone. She called in the middle of the night, apologizing for waking him up. And I laughed like a child, and cried desperately when I crossed.” strait of ruin “.” Too many thingsHe writes kindly to his close friend, It was running. »

“I’m not stupid, I want to be the boss too”: Teenage Bertrand Blair

One day, on the windowsill, Norman and Marilyn made a pact: “ If one of us is about to dive, turn on the gas, hang ourselves, or swallow sleeping pills, it will connect to the other On August 3, 1962, the day before her death, she called him in an overly joyful voice: Let’s try to live before we start getting old! It was, in fact, a cry for help. It was their agreement, but it was tampered with. Norman Rustin blamed himself for not being able to decipher Marilyn’s last plea. So this gentle and familiar book was written to bring her back to life.

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