Kylie Jenner and Stormy on the 2022 Billboard Music Awards red carpet!

Travis Scott brought his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, and their daughter Stormi back to the red carpet for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards!

It was an eventful Sunday family for Kylie Jenner’s little family. Yes, on the 2022 Billboard Music Awards red carpet, fans can see Travis Scott since he performed there, as well as his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormi. MCE TV explains everything from the ground up.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are more in love than ever

We know that everything was not permanent All pink between Kylie Jenner and Travis ScottMy love. Indeed, a love bird They separated themselves For more than a year between 2020 and 2021. But, a priori, they found each other!

The young couple even Welcome the fourth member of the family, a little boy born in February 2022. This newborn’s first name is still a bit of a mystery. In fact, on the birth certificate his name is Wolf but Kylie Jenner confessed in an interview she regrets to choose this name.

Anyway, since that second child, The parents seem inseparable. In fact, for her sweetheart’s birthday on April 30, Kylie Jenner made it Beautiful declaration of love on social networks. This is something very rare on the part of an influencer.

“Happy birthday my love my best friend”Posted on Instagram. Then, the young woman called him “The most special person and father of our children.” It seems these two are closer than ever.

A few days later, she posted a picture of the two cuddling on the beach. The two lovers weren’t leaving each other anymore, so it was clear that Travis Scott would bring his sweetheart back to the red carpet for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. But they prepared a surprise.

Stormy and her mom on the red carpet

A few hours before the show, Kylie Jenner shared a photo of her and her daughter on the plane. However, no one was willing to see 4 year old girl walking on the red carpet with his parents. However, this is what happened.

Oh yeah, you read it well! Little Stormy, wearing a white asymmetric dress and white sneakers, appeared on the red carpet. Meanwhile, his mother chose Blue and silver tight dress The hair is pulled into a bun. For his part, Travis Scott wore a brown suit and white sneakers. Section !

However, the star family wasn’t at the Billboard Music Awards for nothing. Actually, Travis Scott introduced there. It was also the second time thatback to the stage Since the tragedy in Astroworld where dozens of people lost their lives.

After his performance on Sunday, May 15, 2022, he did not miss the father To go and kiss his daughter and his lover, Kylie Jenner in the dressing room. The Billboard Music Award account posted the awesome video on Twitter. So the little family seems more united than ever.

On the other hand, Kylie Jenner was not the only one who appeared on May 15, 2022 at the Billboard Music Awards. In fact, sure Doja Cat has won multiple awards Including the best R & B album. As for Olivia Rodrigo, for her part, she left the titles of best album and best artist. Just that!

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