Hairstyle for long and medium hair: which one suits you?

Confinement…sorry, confinement will have many effects. While some of you have started baking, painting or laughing yoga, others have benefited from social isolation by pampering your beauty and letting your hair grow. The upcoming confinement can also be a great opportunity to allow them to grow slowly, while taking care of them. Admittedly, when it reaches a certain length, your hair starts to look like a haystack. Yes, yes, admit it, the tall man is sacred. So getting close to the scissors can be exciting. So, what should be done to enhance XL hair without sacrificing your beautiful lengths? Here are over 20 hairstyle ideas for long and medium hair that have been a hit this year!

Hairstyle for long and medium hair: 20+ looks that will be a hit this year

Parce que changer de coupe est toujours une bonne idée, on met le focus sur les tendances coiffure cheveux longs et mi-longs qui feront 2021. , Years the seventies. If we’re on the fashion and beauty side, falling into the retro age, we do the same with our hair. Mermaid hair, bubble ponytails, curtain bangs, permanent braids, Sharon Tate-style braids, a hairstyle with a scarf… There are obviously many looks suitable for men in XL. Good news for the ladies who have spent months smearing castor oil on their hair: your efforts will finally be rewarded! Here are over 20 looks to try and get Rapunzel’s hair in shape!

Curtain exploding on long hair

Hairstyle idea for long hair with curtain bangs

To enhance your hair without sacrificing its length, there is a very logical option: try your hand at bangs. Fringe changes the timeless and sexy face wisely with the flick of a scissor. So it’s no surprise that she’s been called upon on all fronts this year. Brigitte Bardot’s signature look, “Curtain Burst” had its glory days thanks to the French actress during the 1960s, and since then, she’s regularly framed the faces of contemporary stars who brilliantly embrace it. For non-English speakers, it’s a stylish, modern fringe and very recognizable for its “curtain” effect. In other words, this fringe sweeps both sides of the forehead (hence the name) and meticulously merges with the rest of the mane, accentuating the face. Extremely sexy on a sunken yard, Bardot’s fringe is especially attractive when paired with XL waves. Its greatest asset? Meet him of course! Good news for girls who are considering letting their hair grow back. A “curtain blowout” is ideal for making a smooth transition between thick bangs and a layered cut. Fairly long, fringe is undoubtedly the hairstyle that you should embrace with your eyes closed this summer.

shaggy cut

Dilapidated Long Hairstyle Haircut Medium Length Hair

Besides bangs, another good option to change your cut without losing your lengths is a haircut. Memories of the years the seventies Straightens the smoothing of long hair. Still for non-English speakers: “shag” refers to a rug with long threads. Between the mullet cut and the decadent cut, the reflexive haircut plays on the dimension of the hair. It tapers the lengths to create several levels. Short on the top of the head and sides, this hybrid cut contours the face and creates a cool rock effect. Blurry and wrinkled, they are a guarantee of a controlled style. It is worn with a center parting and goes especially well with the bangs of the curtain. To play on the size and structure of a Shag cut, we deliver it with natural, subtle undulations. It can be worn on long hair as well as on square hair and XS hair. However, fine hair is not preferred and the Shag style should be avoided at the risk of losing hair mass. A fine swab is enough to rest the body.

mermaid hair or mermaid hair

Curly Hairstyles Medium and Long Mermaid Hair

Hair trend alert: mermaid hair is everywhere! On Instagram and Pinterest, Mermaid Hair has been a real hit. Wavy hair on very long hair, that’s all. But unlike the usual waves, the effect wavy It is made on accurate wicks. So the loops are more numerous. Thus mermaid hair brings volume and material to hair. Therefore, it is ideal for fine and flat hair. In addition, it is very easy to do. Just get yourself a three-head curling iron. Use the curler to distribute your hair from top to bottom. Do not forget that the finer your locks, the longer the effect of a mermaid mane is guaranteed to you. Do you want to curl your hair without heat? No problem ! Choose a few delicate and tight braids, made throughout the hair. Thus, you will get beautiful wavy lengths by dispensing with the curling iron.

Small Sharon Tate braids on the sides

Long hairstyle idea with braid

Admittedly, the hit hairstyles for long hair in 2021 remind us of our early years in school… and that doesn’t bother us. A sacred period in which clasps, clasps, bandanas, giant webs gracefully decorated our heads. And if some trends have since disappeared, there are others to take care of our beauty. This is for example the case of mini retro braids. So, after Bardot’s fringe, focus on Sharon Tate’s style braids! These bohemian-looking thin bohemian braids are perfect for adopting a changing look without spending hours trying another tutorial. It can be worn both on the beach and in the evening. We love the simple version: one or two small rugs on each side of the face! A classic look but too elegant to wear with your eyes closed.

bubble ponytail

Medium Length Hairstyle Idea Pin Easy Ponytail Hairstyle

If it had its peak a few decades ago, the bubble ponytail is increasingly making a comeback this year. To succeed, nothing could be easier! Get several rubber bands and put them all over your high tail. They should be attached at equal intervals as described above. Sophisticated look guaranteed! Perfect for city walks, the Bubble Ponytail also calls itself on your head on D-Day to guarantee you a hairstyle that’s to die for. The guide is in our photo gallery.

Modern Perm: Return of Perm!

Long wavy curly hair permanent curly hairstyle

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the trend is vintage hairstyles! So, on her long or medium length hair, we add a fringe and curl it all into fine curls. So we’re seeing the return of the hairstyle years 80s Very implicit, except that it looks a lot more modern in 2021. A little more fluid, careless and natural than the old version, the ‘Perm’ goes with all lengths. However, it is preferred on long or medium length hair, over layered or shaggy hair. How is it adopted without making a mistake? Well, curly girls can simply harmonize their curls with a suitable product. For others, we advise you to use hair curlers. Yes, you got it right! The modern perm does not require a heating device. Choose a thin foaming iron for tight curls, then apply it to damp, washed hair. Now, all you have to do is wait a few hours (or all night) for your lengths to dry, and take the shape of bobbins. Be warned, you need to have a healthy mane to pull off this look!

Long hairstyle with scarf

Easy long hairstyles with a scarf

blonde mermaid hair

Easy and fast long wavy hairstyle

ponytail with scarf

Long straight bubble ponytail hairstyle

Modern curls on long hair

Easy hairstyle for long curly hair

Hairstyle for long hair for wedding

Long Hair Bubble Wedding Hairstyle Idea Wedding Ponytail Long Hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle for long hair: rope bun

Cord knot knot bun low knot wedding hairstyle for long and medium hair

How do you style your hair with clips?

Easy hairstyles for women Easy hairstyles for long hair for long hair Easy

Double braid and curtain fringe

Easy hairstyles for medium length hair

Brushing out – quick hairstyle for long and medium length hair

Quick hairstyle for long hair of medium length

Long wavy hairstyle

Hairstyle ideas for women with medium long hair

Advanced Bubble Horsetail

Quick and easy medium length bubble ponytail for college

Easy and fast long and medium length hairstyle

Attached hairstyle easy medium long hair

Bubble ponytail on kinky long hair

Hairstyle Tutorial Long Medium Hair Bubble Ponytail For Curly Hair

Hairstyle with bangs and a scarf – a simple look that changes

Simple hairstyles for long hair with a bandana scarf

silk scarf in hair

Simple and quick long hairstyle with scarf

Afro hairstyle for extra long hair with bandana

Long Hairstyle Idea Afro Braids Scarf Bandana

mermaid hair on brown hair

mermaid waves hair long hairstyle brown hair woman

Sombré Hair, the perfect color to enhance mermaid hair

Mermaid Long Hairstyle Idea Woman Wavy Hair

Grace Kelly style scarf and fringe for a classic chic look

Hairstyle with long hair scarf and medium length bangs

Long Hair 70’s Style

Hairstyle Idea Long Straight Loose Bangs Woman Hairstyle 2021

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