Font and character, that’s what the expert says

In the hairstyle, parting should not be taken lightly, but rather it is necessary to determine the shape of the face as well as your style according to Nicholas Waldorf, famous hairdresser and author of the book ” You have an appointment ? ». More than that, the person involved in the transformation of more than 850 people explains to us that in hairstyle, parting is related to personality as well as your mood at the moment, and you will surely recognize yourself through their interpretations.

Hairstyle: parting or a question about the character?

From the moment a woman enters the door of the Nicholas Waldorf Salon, do not miss the eye of the expert hairdresser. ” I have to keep an eye on the woman who has arrived just to know what kind of hairstyle she will fit and how far we can go with her, if it matches everything, then it is solid and will not take any risks. It immediately tells me what I can or cannot do. In fact, it’s all about the looks and how she wants to present herself to the world. Hair expert explains.

If hair is a powerful weapon for communicating to learn more about a woman, then the fine line that can appear is one of the most characteristic signs of a person’s personality. Whether they are natural or very complex, they are not as harmless as you would like to believe and can make you look completely different from who you are…

Hairstyle: what parting can mean depending on how it is arranged

The way you part your hair can have different interpretations in terms of image and personality… Either this parting defines what you are inside or gives you an atmosphere that goes against your personality. ” Sometimes people just don’t know how to show their personality. At first, I didn’t understand this situation, then I learned over time that they weren’t taught and when I change someone, I often realize that…the people who take part in this adventure often express the need to (re)know themselves and then reveal themselves.‘ says Nicholas Waldorf.

He who engages in metamorphoses in order to find a style that corresponds to the personality of those people who are searching for themselves, shows that it is the same for parting… Through the pages of his book, he makes it clear ‘ It is important to know who you are, because it allows you to listen to your wants and needs and reduce mistakesTo avoid slips, he gives us very accurate explanations of parting types and we’re sure you’ll think twice before you style your hair in the morning.

Hairstyle: middle parting

According to Nicholas Waldorf, one parting in the middle is tougher than another. A woman whose parting is in the middle will be more solid and serious. It’s like in the movies, when a woman sees a parting in the middle, she is most likely a lawyer or doing some other very serious job. On the other hand, when you trade her parting for another and go more to the side, it means that she has jumped out of freedom ». To avoid looking too harsh or not looking too cold, this type of hairstyle is recommended to be sported with “ soft brushing“.

Hairstyle: side parting

Parting on the side breaks the effect Very dangerous “By taking an attitude that breaks the symmetry of the volumes it imposes when placed in the middle…” When parting is on the side, we realize we have more to do with a free woman who knows what she wants and what she deserves, she leans more towards freedom Nicholas Waldorf says: According to him, when the hair is parted from the side, the face is more visible. relaxed“.For this hairstyle, it is easier than separating the hair in the middle because the risk of swaying” rigid » Smaller, so you can choose to soften the baguette.

Hairstyle: zigzag parting

Either your natural line draws itself and forms a zigzag or you draw it yourself ! According to the processing expert, “A zigzag parting is a parting that can be done naturally and without much manipulation, from the moment it works a lot, you have to ask yourself questions…it’s not normal and it’s in the ’90s.” according to him: ” The woman who didn’t differentiate doesn’t really ask questions, it’s not really her problem. Her style also goes in that direction a bit, I don’t care, she can tie her hair back without really asking questions.

But be careful not to get too caught up in! Nicola Waldorf declares in the pages of his book ” You have an appointment ? “:” To define a natural parting and that it is not very special – otherwise it can give a rough and sometimes even psychological look!“…and to avoid these bogus mistakes, there is no such thing as a few elaborate gestures… With a brush in hand, all you have to do is.” Comb the hair with the head down before turning it back up and then swing the hair from left to right and separate the hair naturally » As per expert advice.

The line can also vary according to different aspects of life, it’s a bit like in a movie: ” At first we see the lawyer parting in the middle and her hair pulled back and then eventually, we see her with a parting on the side, more smile and freedom. Nicola Waldorf explains. Anyway, if you are wondering what kind of parting you are, you can point out which side you take advantage of the most in your daily life.

So you are more like I dont care“,” rigid”vulnerable to freedom Or does it depend on the day?

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