Focus on the hottest models to inspire your next hairstyle!

Is there a cut more famous than a short bob? Well, no! It adapts to all styles whether wise, graphic or rebellious. At the core of the summer 2020 staple hair trends, decadent curly hair is a hit. Modern and timeless, here are the hottest models to inspire you for your next hair salon appointment!

Gradient curly square cut: the most beautiful models of all time

The curly square, we are beginning to know it well, because we see it more and more often on the street and on the Web. But the ultimate trick to upgrade it and relax curls is to choose a gradient. But then, which gradient do you prefer? Trim the ends to liven up a slightly strict square or even the locks in the front to flatter a square face. In short, for each he cut the deteriorating wrinkled square. The guide with our small selection of stylish models to copy!

Corrugated box for whom?

Asymmetric Curly Square Section Black Decomposing Hair For Women 2022

As with any short haircut, it is necessary to take into account the shape of his face before pulling. So, what’s a decadent curly bob to enhance your features? Small faces can be enhanced with a short over-the-shoulder model. On the other hand, round and square faces can turn into a curly bob. It is usually highlighted more with a cut that frames the lengths of the face and softens its shape. Finally, regarding the long and oval morphs, the wavy ball square appears to be the right choice for bringing volume and facial structure.

Wearing a short curly box or a degraded medium length?

Gradient Curvy Square Medium Long Blonde Hair For Women

For those of you who want to go short smoothly, a medium length curly bob is the perfect option. The more adventurous people can choose the full-length gradient model. Be careful about this: this guarantees unparalleled volume that you must know how to tame. For more copy smoothPlease downplay the advice only.

Wearing a decadent curly bob with or without bangs?

Curly Square Cut Haircut With A Curtain Hole For Woman 2022

Do you want to radically change your appearance? So fall for a decadent curly bob with tapered bangs like curtain bangs. And since curly bob lengths are layered, there’s no risk of a helmet effect as there is on a smooth straight bob. Conversely, the ends blend subtly into the hair mass for the most natural look we love.

Degraded curly square woman hairstyle 2022

Contrary to popular belief, the curly bob cut is relatively easy to maintain. Since it grows more slowly than a smooth bottleneck, a salon appointment every 2-3 months is sufficient to maintain its beauty. How do your curls work? Well, it depends on its type. Soft waves can choose sprays that do not weigh down the hair.

Jennifer Lopez Long Blonde Curly Square Hairstyle

Saline sprays are ideal for this. On the other hand, Afro hair should prefer nourishing creams that are left on the hair to moisturize and enhance tight curls. However, styling mousse should be banned. They will dry out your curly bob and create a very visible wet effect.

Curly and decadent bob short bob

Curly short square ball gradient woman summer 2022

Wedding Hairstyle: Short Afro Curly Bob

Wavy box with short afro graduated wick

Afro curly bob on black hair

Afro decadent women's square curl cut

Platinum blonde wavy bob

Square blonde curly short hair styles for decadent women

Long curly plunge bob with side bangs

Wavy Square Wedding Hairstyle With Layered Medium Length Bangs Summer 2022

Medium length curly square cut on curly hair

Square Frieze Curly Distressed Hair Afro Girl 2022

gradient long curly bob

Curly Square Cut With Tapered Bangs Woman 2022

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