Energetic and crazy, Dua Lipa ignites Percy for her return to France

“We’ve been waiting for this for so long! Summed up a fan before the concert. After more than two years of waiting, Dua Lipa was finally able to find the French audience on Sunday, May 15th. Two hours before the concert began, in front of the AccorHotels Arena, there were They wait in line for the best view and for those desperately waiting for last-minute tickets.Inside, the excitement soared until 9pm: “It’s there, it’s there,” one fan shouted, “It’s there, it’s there.” The singer appears from the ground before the screaming and applause of more than twenty thousand people .

Diverse and enthusiastic audience

The audience was diverse, dressed in neon, bright and elaborate make-up of others. Even if the majority are under their 30s, the British singer is achieving a broader goal than parents, and even people in their 70s, might imagine. They came from all over France for the same thing: “A show you only know how to do.”

Between screams of hysteria, tears and screams, the singer was eagerly awaited by her fans. Throughout the ceremony, they sang, danced and vividly depicted every moment of the idol. For more than an hour and a half, the energy remained the same on stage and in the stands. The singer and her fans have been able to recreate hits together like physicalAnd broke my heartAnd Don’t start now and other things.

A woman as sexy as she is strong

Singer, model, and muse of Yves Saint Laurent, Dua Lipa is also a sacred dancer, alternating movements of her hips and hair to end in sweats. Throughout the show, she conveyed the image of a sexy, seductive and even slightly badass woman. Through various dances and costumes, fans were able to admire a woman who fully assumes her sexual attractiveness and that is why her fans “love her so much.”

But she’s not just a pretty girl who dances and sings in the middle of the stage while twisting her ass. Where the show was interesting to the audience and especially to the youth, it is a mixture of open and exciting. She also carefully chose her songs between music to unleash the crowds and songs with messages. Fans can hear the title Children will be children About sexual harassment or cold heart With Elton Jonh at checkout.

“A True American Show”, Angèle as a luxury guest

Before seeing her disappear to the ground in a final spray of multi-colored confetti, she raised her fist, and the audience was able to enjoy some surprises. Dua Lipa and her troupe of 10 dancers have performed crazier dances than each other. Then when the singer started performing the title feverSinger Angell appeared. The crowded house was at its peak. about her title liftShe moved into a basket after launching balloons into the crowd. In short, “a true American show.”

The Dua Lipa tour, the Future Nostalgia Tour, lives up to its name. Through 5 costumes and 5 paintings, she gave us a journey through time. He started with a neon pink workout outfit from the ’80s and finished with a black bodysuit with gold sequins in a futuristic setting. Fans praised the performance and were not at all disappointed: “She is amazing, she deserves more than 10 out of 10”, “She knows how to show in every transition, it was a surprise”, “She was a fire” Spectators cheered at the exit.

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